Jennifer Garner swears by this simple recipe from Emily Blunt and we want to make it too!

Emily Blunt's English roasted potatoes have become a dinner staple at Jennifer Garner's house

Jennifer Garner
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While discussing some of the staple recipes that she likes to cook for her family for dinner on a weekly basis, Jennifer Garner revealed that she's got Emily Blunt to thank. 

Jennifer, who recently opened up about how fame has affected her family, tells PEOPLE that Emily's English roasted potatoes recipe has quickly become a favorite among the three kids that she shares with now ex-husband Ben Affleck—Violet Affleck, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10.

"I've made them consistently," she said. "Rarely a week goes by that I'm not in [the kitchen] peeling potatoes trying to make them like Emily's. My kids love them."

Jennifer, who is excited to turn 50 this month, isn't the only star to appreciate the recipe. In fact, the star of The Adam Project discovered it because it was included in Modern Comfort Food, Ina Garten's cookbook from 2020. Emily shared it with Ina back in 2018, on an episode of Barefoot Contessa. When Ina uploaded the recipe to her Barefoot Contessa website a few years ago, the online destination crashed. Clearly, people are loving these crispy potatoes!

Jennifer Garner

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In her conversation with People, Jennifer also revealed that she's a die-hard fan of cookbooks of all kinds. "I have a real love affair with my cookbooks," she said. "Some of them, I have double copies because whenever I go on location, I want to take it with me, but I still need it home."

We're not surprised about the popularity of Emily's recipe, which seems pretty simple to make and involves crispy, delicious potatoes that are sure to be a hit no matter how you cook them.

To maximize your chances are replicating Emily’s dish, you’re going to want to follow four easy tips: make sure to boil and strain the potatoes before returning them to the pot; shake them out to give them a crunch; have them dry for 15 minutes before baking them; douse them in vegetable oil before popping them into the oven.

Turns out, stars are just like us: they follow cookbooks, share interesting recipes with each other and try their best at finding dishes that are easy to prepare and cater to the whole family. 

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