James Martin shares stunning result of kitchen renovation

James Martin
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James Martin has been up to some DIY renovations during lockdown – and we’re loving the results!

Like many others up and down the country, the TV chef has had a bit more time on his hands and he’s spending it doing the odd little jobs he’s been putting off for ages. Sound familiar?

James took to his Instagram page to share the gorgeous results of his kitchen revamp, which kept him busy for a whole day.

Alongside the pictures, he wrote, ‘Took all day...much better I reckon! Swipe to see before.’

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Many of his fans and followers praised the end result – especially the beautiful clock that is now on full display.

‘Wow! Oh why would you hide that beauty! Time waits for no one! 😁😍😘’, one wrote.

Another said, ‘Couldn’t agree more, looks great, that old green colour was not good.’

A third added, ‘So much better never liked that bright green change! The colour now is perfect with the clock 😊’.

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James had teased the project a couple of days ago, when he wrote, ‘Painting the walls, changing the look of the kitchen today and putting the clock back on screen as it’s been hidden for years 🕰’.

James’ kitchen makeover comes after he revealed he’s been making pasta from scratch to give to people in his village.

He’s also recently revealed his biggest career regret to date – and it’s what he’s given up for it.

The TV star, who’s been in a relationship with Louise Davies since 2011, told Prima magazine, “The biggest low of my career is that I’ve given up everything for it.

“I look at my mates and they’re all married with kids, and that’s not the case for me because I’ve been so focused on work.

“The level of commitment it requires and the choices you have to make have a huge impact.”

However, he wouldn't change the decisions he's made so far.

“But would I do the same thing again? Probably, because it’s made me who I am", he added.

“And why does everybody have to follow the norm anyway?”

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