How many episodes of Crossfire are there and when is the finale of the BBC’s haunting survival drama?

For anyone wondering how many episodes of Crossfire remain until the emotional conclusion there’s not long left to wait…

How many episodes of Crossfire are there? Seen here are Anneika Rose as Abhi and Keeley Hawes as Jo
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If you’re wondering how many episodes of Crossfire there are you’re probably not alone as each installment of this BBC survival drama becomes ever more emotional and fast-paced.

Since it landed on September 20, the BBC’s tense drama Crossfire has been raising some serious questions, from the matter of whether Crossfire is based on a true story or not, to which of our favorite characters might escape by the finale. Starring The Midwich Cuckoos actor Keeley Hawes in the lead role as ex-police officer Jo, she soon finds herself plunged into a truly terrifying situation. With gunmen taking over the resort where she, her family and her friends have been staying, the survivalist show brings to life a very thought-provoking and sensitive storyline to life. 

Here we reveal how many episodes of Crossfire there are, when the BBC drama’s finale is on and how to watch Keeley Hawes and her fellow cast members in action across the series…

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Episode 1;Mateo (HUGO SILVA)

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How many episodes of Crossfire are there?

With its fast-paced action and terrifying storyline, many fans might well be wondering how many episodes of Crossfire there are before the BBC drama reaches its hugely emotional conclusion. And while some viewers might prefer their thrillers to have plenty of installments allowing for ever more twists and turns, like in Shetland season 7, the Keeley Hawes show mirrors The Control Room and there are three episodes of Crossfire. This is good news for anyone who just can’t wait much longer to see the conclusion of the series’ downright dark and disturbing events.

When is the Crossfire finale on? 

The Crossfire finale airs on Thursday, September 22nd at 9pm on BBC One. And there are plenty of questions left to be answered and characters’ fates to be confirmed in the final episodes after the intense events fans have seen unfold so far.

Across Crossfire episodes 1 and 2, viewers have seen ex-police officer Jo (Keeley Hawes)'s family vacation with friends descend into chaos and rapidly become a living nightmare. Gunmen launched a horrific attack on the hotel where the group were staying and with family members scattered across the resort, the tension was palpable.


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Ahead of the finale, in Crossfire episode 2 Jo and the hotel’s manager Mateo put their own lives at risk in the attempt to save guests. We also know that young Flavio at some point became entangled with the plan although given his apparent reluctance to commit the planned violence, it remains to be seen exactly why he is following orders. Meanwhile, Ben finally found Jo and Jason’s son Adam and two of Chinar’s sons, but Sunil and Kim are still unaccounted for. 

Jo’s daughter, Amara, from her first marriage to fellow police officer Paul was once again separated from her mum before ending up in a terrifying face-to-face confrontation with Flavio in a bathroom. Having begged for her life, Amara was astounded to escape after the boy appeared unwilling to hurt her, though her stepfather Jason might not be so lucky. 

Flavio (POL SANUY)

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In Crossfire episode 2 a desperate Jason headed for the balcony of his hotel room after seeing one of the gunmen knocking on the doors and being heard locking his own. But he could only hang on for so long and Jason landed painfully on his back either unconscious or dead - it’s not yet known. 

What is known is that Chinar - one of Jo and Jason’s oldest friends, the father of Sunil, Gatik and Jaypal and husband of Abhi - has tragically been killed. Breaking down upon discovering his body, Jo admitted to Mateo that things were “complicated” between her and Chinar too, with flashbacks showing their flirtation as she first suggested their families go away together. 

Episode 1;Chinar (VIKASH BHAI);Gatik (ZAKIY JOGI)

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Chinar’s wife Abhi is also in danger heading into the finale as she and Ben’s wife, a doctor, Miriam were helping to look after those who were wounded in the kitchen of the hotel. Only they were soon betrayed to the gunmen, leaving their fate in question. Similarly, Jo and Amara, once reunited, found themselves targeted by Flavio who chased them up to the hotel roof, with Jo pointing a gun at the door. Mateo was also left badly injured, possibly fatally, though it’s not yet known for sure whether he’ll survive the attack. 

With danger closing in on all the characters who are struggling with uncertainty surrounding the loved-ones’ fates and their losses, the Crossfire finale looks set to be both incredibly heartbreaking and tense. 

How to watch Crossfire  

For anyone who has yet to delve into the haunting storyline of Crossfire, the place to head is BBC One. Each episode of the new drama has been airing on consecutive nights, with the series premiering on Tuesday, September 20. All three installments of Crossfire are also available to watch now on BBC iPlayer, meaning that if you simply can’t wait to see which of your favorite characters survives you can make your way through the show at your own pace.  

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Episode 1;Ben (DAN RYAN)

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So now you know how many episodes of Crossfire there are and when the finale is set to air, there's plenty of time to re-watch your favorite moments from the BBC so far as what promises to be a seriously suspenseful finale draws nearer...

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