Holly Willoughby left red-faced as Phillip Schofield makes seriously naughty slip up live on This Morning

Phillip... 😳
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  • Phillip Schofield made a rather cheeky blunder on today's episode of This Morning.

    During a chat with money expert Martin Lewis about a viewer’s holiday plans that have been thrown into disarray due to the coronavirus pandemic, iconic silver fox telly host Phil tripped on his words and made an inadvertent nod to something a little naughty.

    Confusing holiday firm Love Holidays with online sex toy retailer Love Honey, Phil began, “Rebecca if Love Honey…”

    Noticing his mistake, he corrected himself, looking rather awkward and leaving Holly in a fit of giggles.

    “That’s a whole different package coming through the door there,” Phil smirked.

    “Totally different,” a red-faced Holly chipped in.

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    Of course, loads of This Morning viewers cottoned on to the hilarious mishap, taking to Twitter to have a laugh at Phil’s expense.

    Have you been ordering non essential items there @Schofe during lockdown,’ one penned online.

    Yes I did just spit my coffee out when @Schofe said love honey not love holidays #ThisMorning I wonder how many people have now Googled Love Honey,’ another chipped in. 

    Phil’s cheeky slip up was rather apt in light of the news that sales of sex toys have soared during the coronavirus lockdown.

    With the global health crisis meaning social distancing has been a key part of life for months now, lots of Brits have had to rely on self-love.

    “The reason for the increase in sex toy sales is that never before in history have we been asked to stay home and look after ourselves,” says Dominnique Karetsos, co-founder of healthy pleasure collective and School of Sexual Wellness Intimology Institute.

    “Sex care is part of self care. History and economics tell us that even in recession or depression birth rates go up as consensual sex is free. Plus, it’s never been as easy to access toys that you can order online and deliver to you door.”

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