Holly and Phil left flustered as technical glitch exposes secret about the This Morning set

This Morning usually runs like a well-oiled machine - apart from when hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield suffer from the occassional fits of giggles.

But on Thursday's installment of the popular daytime show, fans were left shocked when the programme suffered from an awkward technical glitch.

Holly and Phil were in the middle of a chat with brand new Call the Midwife cast member, Miriam Margoyles, when the windows behind them suddenly went black.

Black lines also appeared across the screen - suggesting a fault.

But fans were amazed by the mistake, which revealed the windows to be fake, rather than real, as they presumed.

Viewers quickly took to social media following the glitch, lamenting their disappointment at the fact that the sunny view of the River Thames behind Holly and Phil every day is fake.

One fan wrote, 'I always thought they were real windows 😩😩 #ThisMorning'.

The show's cameraman quickly rushed to hide the technical error - switching to a close up of Phil and Holly, avoiding the black screen behind them.

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The pair were clearly flustered, laughing about the error, but attempted to carry on the interview with Miriam uninterrupted. And thankfully, the situation was remedied in just a few seconds - with the view returning to normal after a short while.

Of course, the This Morning windows were actually real, until the ITV show's recent move to a different location. While the studios used to sit on the Southbank overlooking the River Thames, the programme is now filmed in White City, nowhere near the river.

However, it's thought that the show was keen to maintain the same look in their new This Morning studios, and so filmed the backdrop for a year, to capture all kinds of weather conditions in order to maintain authenticity.

While Holly and Phil professionally smoothed over the technical error, guests Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon unfortunately didn't let them get away with it.

Keith jokingly pointed out the blunder during the pair's interview, saying, "It went off!"

Holly made an attempt to quiet the comedian, but he continued, laughing, "They had to go close into you. I love that stuff. Someone tripped on the plug and it went black,"

Luckily, Keith's comments left the hosts in fits of giggles, while they swiftly attempted to move the interview on.

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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