Great British Bake Off Gadgets

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  • Discover the must-have appliances, as seen in Great British Bake Off

    4 September 2014

    That edge-of-seat, Bake Off excitement may have finished, but Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry’s masterclasses are proving to be the perfect antidote to our midweek bakery broodings. And best of all, they’ve given us one more opportunity to ogle those fancy Bake Off gadgets.

    Who else was mesmerized by Mary Berry’s nifty thermospatula? Just three episodes in, and our Christmas list is already longer than the hallway. But while we know exactly what we want, ‘the spatula from the Bake Off’ might be too vague a note for other members of the family.

    That’s why we’ve done some digging to find exactly where to buy those covetable contraptions, shop, price, model and all. So now there’s no excuse come Christmas morning…

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