Give your kitchenware a spring clean with these clever tricks—only basic pantry products needed!

Using only household essentials, you can make your glassware and silverware like new...

Spring clean your kitchenware
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Over the holidays, we’re used to having unexpected guests stop by so everyone maintains a high standard for entertaining.

However, with the Christmas season a distant memory, you might have let standards slip.

With the days starting to get lighter and the promise of warmer days and longer evenings coming, you might be fretting about being ready for hosting last-minute BBQs, dinner parties or wine nights.

Fortunately, a trends expert from the UK has shared some tips on how to get your hosting essentials looking spotless.  

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Spring clean and get ready for hosting friends again

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Nick Drewe, a money-saving expert from voucher code site WeThrift shared some of his DIY cleaning tricks and tips with the team at UK newspaper,

The best part? Rather than going out and buying a whole new set of glasses for entertaining ahead of the spring and summer, all it’ll take is some uncooked rice.

And, according to Statista, the cost of uncooked white rice stood in the US is 82 cents per pound—meaning you can spend that money elsewhere.

The cleaning pro said to make drinks glasses look “as good as new”, homeowners need to start by “swishing a handful of uncooked rice in warm water around the cloudy and murky glass”.

Uncooked rice can be used to spring clean your glassware

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This will help to scour the dirt and grime off the glass.

He explains the process saying, “Empty the rice out and place in a dishwasher tablet into the glass and fill with hot water.

“Leave this overnight and when rinsed your glass will look like new.”

The home expert didn’t stop with his amazing glassware insight though—he provided some advice on how to get your cutlery shining like new again.

Over time, stainless steel can start to look worn and scratched if it’s not regularly polished and well-cared for.

Spring clean your steel cutlery with olive oil

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To retrieve that well-polished look, Nick explains that a popular cooking ingredient everyone has in their pantry is the secret—olive oil.

He said, “Stainless steel can be polished using olive oil. It’s perfect for making your pots, pans and stainless steel appliances shine.”

“Simply put some olive oil on a clean soft cloth and rub in circular motions to buff out any dirty patches.”

Now your kitchenware is ready for guests, you can spend your time perusing the best dinner party recipes and cocktail recipes.

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