Freya is axed from GBBO as fans think George should have been booted instead

Vegan baker Freya from GBBO has left the baking competition and many are saying George should have left instead

Great british bake off
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The Great British Bake-off results have divided fans as many claim that Freya should have been saved and fellow baker George should have left in her place.

Every Tuesday viewers are distraught as another Great British Bake Off 2021 contestant is axed from the baking competition. This week fans were again disappointed to see the youngest contestant leave, and many felt that George should have gone in her place.

"No way should Freya have gone… it should have been George. #GBBO" said one fan on Twitter. "FREYA????? FREYA???? I was full-on expecting George to leave #GBBO" said another.

The judges made the decision that Freya would leave Great British Bake Off and not George, but was this the right decision? Although some fans may not think so, here is why we think Geoge may have just cinched it.

For the first round, the bakers were challenged to make German biscuits. George made cherry marzipan biscuits which had a sandwich design and a chocolate decoration on top. He also made aniseed springerle with aniseed and nutmeg and an embossed design. 

Freya made lebkuchen and zimtsterne, with a vegan meringue design and glace cherries and a delicate icing design on top. These bakes were slightly less complex than George's but looked great.

George was told that his bakes were 'lovely.' However, Paul said that one of his bakes was, 'tough, so tough it's offering me out for a fight.' But, ultimately they concluded that the baker had done well and they were pleased with his bakes.

When it came to Freya's bake, the baker had to explain that the bottom of her biscuit stuck to the bottom of her baking tray and therefore the base was very rough. The judges concluded that the biscuits were 'overbaked' but the flavor was lovely.

This meant that for this task the pair were neck and neck, with George having a slight edge over Freya. But then came the technical challenge. For this challenge, the bakers were tasked by Prue Leith to create a Prince regent cake also known as a Prinzregententorte.

For this challenge, George came in 6th place out of the eight bakers remaining, while Freya came in 5th. This meant that Freya had a slight edge over George, but again, the pair were both underperforming in the competition.

Then came the final round for this showstopper challenge George made a Chocolate & Tahini Anniversary Yeast-Leavened Cake Showstopper. This cake was anniversary-themed to celebrate his 13-year marriage and also featured a pearl necklace.

This bake was also accompanied by George forgetting how many years he had been married and the judges joking that he would be in trouble when his wife watched the show.

The judges said that the color of George's top tier was too light but otherwise the flavor was delicious. Unfortunately, they did find some raw dough and commented that the bake was 'clumsy' and 'rushed.' 

For her showstopper, Freya made an Upside-Down Yeast-Leavened Cake that featured plums, berries, and jam. The judges commented on the huge amount of 'bleeding' coming from the plums and the 'messy looking' design. Prue and Paul agreed that the syrup topping was delicious but there was an awful lot of dough to topping and it was under-baked. 

In an interview afterward, Freya said that she was pleased with the design and somewhat confused by the messy comments as she 'wouldn't have wanted it to look any different.'

Looking at the bakes and seeing the judges' reactions, it's clear that it could have been Freya or George that went home, but on this occasion it was Freya. 

Although we can hear their reactions, we cannot taste the bakes ourselves. In other words, we may have a preference—but we can't know for certain which baker deserves to stay in the competition.

It may seem that George's raw dough was a firable offence, but the judges clearly thought that ratios of Freya's underbaked dough to topping was a more serious crime against baking. 

Freya was a fantastic baker and at the age of just 19, she made huge strides for the vegan community by sticking to her beliefs in the tent. Freya said after leaving the show, "I feel genuinely blessed to have had the chance to share my love of vegan baking with the world.”

At this late stage in the competition, all of the bakers are cooking at an extremely high level and we have all become emotionally attached to them, so it's always sad to see a great baker leave the tent.

The remaining seven bakers will be back in the tent on Tuesday next week, along with George who may still be on thin ice in the competition and with his wife—fingers crossed he doesn't end up in hot water again next week!

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