Eamonn Holmes shares adorable message about wife Ruth Langsford

Eamonn Holmes
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Although we regularly witness Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes bickering away on TV, it's clear that the pair are very much in love.

And Eamonn certainly proved it, with an adorable social media message about his wife of nine years recently.

Ruth Langsford, Eamonn Holmes

While struggling to sleep on Wednesday night, he revealed that he was instead looking at his wife snoozing next to him.

Eamonn wrote, 'I'm smiling watching @RuthieeL 's little face in the Land of Nod. NOTHING could wake her ! She sooo loves her sleep and I so love her. 💗' How sweet!

Fans loved Eamonn's lovely message, with one commenting on it saying, '#CoupleGoals 😍😍😍😍', while another agreed saying, 'That is lovely. Made my morning. 🥰'.

In the rest of the message, Eamonn revealed however that he was only able to see Ruth as he was finding it impossible to sleep himself.

You'd imagine that after a career of early starts and 3am wake-up calls that Eamonn Holmes would be well versed in what it takes to get a good night's sleep.

But it seems the TV presenter often struggles as much as any of us with getting some quality shut-eye.

Over the weekend, the 59-year-old posted to his Twitter account, sharing with his followers that yet again, he was finding it difficult to get to sleep.

Eamonn wrote, 'There it goes again ..... waking up to look at the Clock .... and it's MIDNIGHT. ☹ Why always Midnight ?'

Many of the popular presenter's fans shared their sympathy with him in the comments, revealing they suffer from similar sleep issues too.

One said, 'Fellow insomniac here 👋🏼 I usually see midnight, 3am then about 4:30am, 5 if I’m lucky, by then I give up 🙈 ', to which Eamonn replied, 'I know the pattern Naomi .'

While another follower commented, 'Welcome to the wide awake club... 😤', prompting Eamonn to say, 'But I'm still wide awake !'

But of course, it's not the first time Eamonn has spoken about his problems nodding off. Just recently, he and wife Ruth Langsford made a Channel 5 show all about 'How to Get a Good Night's Sleep', in a bid to tackle their sleep issues.

During the programme, the TV host admitted he regularly survives on less than four hours sleep a night. He and another insomniac, Sam, even tried a strict sleep routine - which doesn't appear to have worked unfortunately!

On the show Ruth also revealed that she has some pretty bad problems with snoring, and attempted to cure her sleep woes with all kinds of devices, tricks and classes.

So it sounds like it's always a bit of a restless night in the Holmes/Langsford household! Let's hope they manage to get a good night's sleep some time soon...

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