Drew Barrymore’s therapist shares her one character trait that makes her so 'magic'

Drew's therapist gives a lesson in Drew Barrymore 101

Drew Barrymore’s therapist
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The actress and talkshow host is know for her hilarious and empathetic segments on her talk show - here's why Drew Barrymore’s therapist says she resonates with her fans.

If you've watched The Drew Barrymore Show, you'll likely notice that she has a certain quality about her that makes her guests and fans gravitate towards her energy. Not only is Drew notorious for being incredibly kind, but she also has never been one to shy away from emotional or vulnerable moments on her show, making the talkshow truly unique in comparison to similar programs. 

Yes, Drew, who recently opened up on her tough relationship with mom Jaid, has great style, is hilarious, and small talk like no one's business - but what is that one quality that gives her that magnetic energy, that je ne sais quoi?

According to Drew Barrymore's longtime therapist, Barry Michels, the star has a "magical effect."

In an interview with TODAY, Barry explains that Drew, unlike most talkshow hosts and people in general, is willing to get vulnerable and share parts of herself that others might be inclined to hide away. 

One of the techniques he says he employs in his therapy practices is the concept of talking to your "shadow".

No, this doesn't mean running around the room trying to find your shadow like Peter Pan - we're talking about your "shadow" as an "embodiment of all the negative parts of our personality that we want to hide," says Barry. "It’s whatever you’re most ashamed of inside yourself."

In the past, Drew has been very open about her struggle to receive love, as well as other difficult challenges she faces in her personal life - but this vulnerability is what makes her so beloved and inspiring, Barry says. 

Drew Barrymore’s therapist

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Naturally, Barry explains, most people, especially celebrities, do everything they can to keep their shadow hidden from others - but the more comfortable you become with confronting that shadow, the more open and vulnerable you'll be in day-to-day life with others.

"When you can accept those parts, you can be more honest and vulnerable with people," Barry says. 

In an example of true kindness and vulnerability, a recent clip of Drew was circulating on the internet of her sitting in a fan's lap and hugging her. While on a break from filming, Drew noticed a fan was crying in the audience, and took the time to go over to the fan, in front of everyone, to ask what was wrong. "Whose a** do I have to kick?" she exclaimed lightheartedly. 

The fan expressed to Drew that the actress was her childhood hero, and then Drew just took a seat in the fan's lap, hugging her and letting them have a special moment. 

"In Drew’s case, that strength is her vulnerability. … She has this ability to bravely and openly confront things in herself and, by doing so, encourage other people to do the same," Barry says.

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