These are the 12 dog breeds most likely to misbehave during the festive season

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  • 'Tis the season to be merry, but not so much if you have one of these twelve breeds at home...

    We all get excited over Christmas, and our pets are no exception – expecially when it comes to cat and their love/hate relationship with the Christmas tree.

    But now research conducted by Itchpet has revealed that 12.5 million pets will commit a ‘crime’ during the holidays — and which breeds are more likely to be the culprits.

    The study involved 2,000 pet owners, of which 53% said that their pets misbehaved during the festive season – with ‘crimes’ ranging from damaging decorations or presents, to knocking over the Christmas tree.

    “Your cat or dog might be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause chaos from time to time,” Charlotte Harper, Co-founder of Itchpet said.

    Charlotte recommends keeping their routine and keeping them calm when you have guests over, as well as not overfeeding them with snacks.

    But who’s more likely to mishave? Time to find out…

    12 dog breeds most likely to misbehave at Christmas

    Jack Russell
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Springer Spaniel
    Mixed breed
    German Shepherd
    Cocker Spaniel
    French Bulldog

    20 Christmas ‘crimes’ committed by our pets

    Damaged decorations
    Climbed the Christmas tree
    Knocked over the Christmas tree
    Stole meat from the chopping board or from someone’s plate
    Damaged presents
    Broke wind during Christmas dinner
    Sat with his ‘lipstick’ out in front of friends/family
    Inappropriately sniffed a family member
    Ate a relative’s slippers
    Brought in a dead animal during Christmas dinner
    Relieved themselves on the Christmas tree
    Left a festive ‘present’ under the Christmas tree
    Relieved themselves on a snowman
    Tripped up Granny or Grandad
    Devoured the snacks left out for Santa
    Chewed Christmas gift cards with money in them
    Nabbed a character from the nativity scene
    Ate the Fairy from the Christmas tree
    Stole underwear from relatives
    Brought unwanted guests, giving a relative or relatives’ pet fleas

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    12 cat breeds most likely to misbehave at Christmas

    British Shorthair
    Munchkin cat
    Maine Coon
    Forest Cat
    Russian Blue

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