'Deserving' Jodie Comer admits she's 'so scared' in Bafta acceptance speech

Jodie Comer won the Bafta for Leading Actress at Sunday's award show for her incredible performance in Channel 4's Help

Jodie Comer admits she's 'scared' in Bafta acceptance speech
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Jodie Comer has been widely praised after admitting to feeling 'so scared' during her acceptance speech for the 2022 Bafta for Leading Actress on Sunday. 

The English actor landed the accolade for her performance in Channel 4's Help, marking her second time winning one of the British entertainment awards. 

The TV film saw Jodie take on the character of Sarah, a healthcare worker at a care home, who befriends Tony (Stephen Graham), a resident who has early-onset Alzheimer's disease. A year into her employment at the facility, she finds herself in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic—a crisis that will ultimately change her life forever. 

Her acclamation for the role comes just three years after she won the 2019 Bafta for Best Actress for her portrayal of Russian assassin Oksana Astankova in the spy-thriller series, Killing Eve. 

In her acceptance speech at last night's awards show, Jodie, 29, thanked The Forge [the film's production company] and Channel 4 for "believing in this script from the very, very beginning." She also expressed gratitude to Help's screenwriter, Jack Thorne, adding that she once "very embarrassingly" contacted him on Twitter to tell him she wanted to work with him. 

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Her costar, Stephen Graham, was next to receive a shout-out. "I love you so much," she called to him from the stage, after vowing to thank the Peaky Blinders star for the "rest of my life." 

Perhaps most notable, however, was her message for the carers and the Dementia Society, who helped the project with their research. 

"They were so incredibly gracious and generous with their time," she revealed. "We were asking them very, very personal questions and they were always just so willing and open.

"I guess the biggest reward in all of this is that they felt truly represented in the telling of this story." 

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Jodie Comer in Help (2021) 

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It was at this point that Jodie's nerves overtook her, causing her to choke on the word, "privilege." 

Never one to conceal her feelings, she openly admitted, "I'm so scared!" as the sympathizing audience waited patiently. She quickly regained her composure and wrapped up her speech, offering her final words of gratitude to her beloved mother, Donna. 

Jodie's brief fumble appears to have only made her more likable to the public, many of whom have taken to the Internet to share their reaction. 

"Her second BAFTA at 29, an Emmy, all this success, all this talent and she's still shy, still nervous, still doesn't realize how deserving she is," one person commented on Youtube. 

"She truly has a heart of gold… The way she chooses projects just reflects how seriously she takes certain issues that are important to her," another fan wrote. 

We couldn't agree more. 

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