People aren’t happy about a sexist review of Debbie Harry’s memoir

Debbie Harry is releasing her memoir Face It, and fans weren’t happy about an early review that was published in The Washington Post.

Sharing their review of the memoir to Twitter, The Washington Post’s original headline reads, 'Review: In her memoir, Debbie Harry proves she’s more than just a pretty blonde in tight pants'.

Fans were quick to criticise this headline, with one saying, 'STOP IT. Seriously?!? Do you write this crap about men? Rhetorical question bc we know the answer.'

Another added, 'Not a single person thought that’s all she was. Nobody.'

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A third agreed, writing, 'No one who knows who Debbie Harry is ever thought she was just a pretty blonde in tight pants.'

Debbie Harry, whose real name is Angela Tremble, has achieved a lot in her 50 year career. She was lead singer of the new wave band Blondie, releasing 11 studio albums with them. They’ve sold an estimated 40 million albums to date.

Her role in Blondie helped to change the image of women in music, particularly front women in bands, and she’s a significant figure in punk culture.

Debbie Harry

Outside of Blondie, she has also had a long acting career including roles in John Waters’ Hairspray and David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, as well as modelling work.

So it’s clear to see why fans were upset that Debbie Harry was labelled as "more than just a pretty blonde in tight pants”, given her long career and influence.

Following the backlash, The Washington Post has since changed their headline writing an apology, which read, 'We’ve changed the headline. We got this one wrong and we appreciate the feedback'.

Thankfully, it seems Debbie Harry is prepared for negative comments as she spoke in interviews prior to the memoirs release, saying, “I’m prepared for the best and the worst comments, much like when I have released an album or done a big show.”

Debbie Harry’s memoir Face It is now on sale, and can be bought from Amazon or Waterstones.

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