Cinch - Wordle players furious with latest 'rubbish' word

The word 'cinch' has infuriated wordle players who were unable to solve this latest puzzle that has ruined streaks

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The word 'cinch' has infuriated a number of wordle players who struggled to work out this latest challenge from the New York Times and labeled the five-letter word 'rubbish'.

Uncommon five-letter words such as elope, aphidtrite, and agape, are all words that have cropped up in recent Wordle challenges and infuriated players who were unable to solve these unfamiliar words.

On July 26, Wordle 402 was another similar challenge that stumped fans. The word 'cinch' frustrated players and many ruined their streaks as they tried to solve this puzzle.

Wordle alternatives

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Many players took to social media to complain about the difficulty of this challenge. "Rubbish Wordle 402 X/6," said one player on Twitter.

"Wordle 402 X/6 It's finally over. That marks the end of that for me, it was fun while it lasted. 196/197 days," said one player who ruined their streak just a few days short of a 200 streak milestone.

"Wordle 402 X/6 Cinch ??? WTH, never heard of it before !!" said another.

"Wordle 402 X/6 I HATE ENGLISH AS A F**KING LANGUAGE... F**KING DUMB 5 LETTERS WORDS F**K YOU," said yet another angry fan.

It seemed that a common problem among fans was solving the first letter of the word 'cinch'. A number of five-letter words end in the four letters 'inch' so some players guessed, linch, pinch, finch, and winch, before they guessed the correct word 'cinch.'

"Wordle 402 X/6 Failed today. Almost there. Just one letter. I wasn’t familiar with the word and too many options," said one player.

"Wordle 402 X/6 Too many options," said another fan who failed to solve the puzzle.

Cinch meaning

A lot of players failed to solve this puzzle because they were unfamiliar with the word 'cinch' and were unsure what this word even meant. If you were one of these players, don't worry! You are not alone! So what does cinch actually mean?

The Cambridge dictionary defines cinch as, 'something that is very easy and is therefore certain to be a success.' The example given is, 'The exam was a cinch'.

Cinch can also be used when referring to clothing, for example, if you have a 'cinched in waist' it would mean that you are using a belt to pull the clothing tight around the waist. A cinch can also be a type of saddle for horses.

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