Christine Lampard makes very surprising confession about Eamonn Holmes

Christine Lampard and Eamonn Holmes are two of TV's biggest stars - so you'd probably never imagine that they get starstruck by other celebrities too.

But as it turns out, they do. And surprisingly, for Christine, 40, Eamonn is one famous face who she still find herself in awe of!

During a discussion about childhood heroes on Loose Women, the new mum-of-one revealed that her own was actually none other than 59-year-old Eamonn Holmes himself.

After making the surprising confession, her fellow panellists appeared pretty shocked, audibly gasping and laughing at what she'd said.

Christine explained, "I just loved him."

Kaye Adams, appearing to agree, said, "Eamonn is still very handsome. But as a young man, my goodness, he was very handsome."

Christine agreed, saying “very handsome", before explaining some of the other reasons she loved him so much.

She said, "But he was just, you know, morning telly, you watched it before you left to go to school in the morning. He was really funny, and he came from Northern Ireland."

Nadia went on to joke that Eamonn's wife, and Christine's fellow Loose Women panellist Ruth Langsford was a "jealous woman", leaving Christine to confess, "I wouldn't have declared that if Ruth was here today!"

Kaye also asked Christine whether she remembered her first meeting with Eamonn, leaving her to admit, “Oh yes absolutely.

"I was about 17, I was working at the BBC as a runner, so I basically had to make Eamonn’s tea. Oh my god, Eamonn’s tea! I still go all funny when I see him.”

Eamonn was delighted to hear Christine's surprising confession, responding to a video clip of the moment on the Loose Women Twitter account admitting she'd made him 'very happy'

He wrote, Christine .... totally understand why that would be ! And who would blame you. 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you , you've made an old man very happy. 😘😘😘'

We're yet to hear Ruth's take on the situation, but we're sure she'll be flattered too!

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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