Cher is launching a seriously unexpected business venture and fan reactions are SO hilarious

Cher's new ice cream brand is coming

Cher's new ice cream brand
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Cher is launching a new ice cream brand cleverly titled 'Cherlato' and fans have had some utterly hilarious suggestions for flavour names.

Celebrities are always launching personal business ventures - Gal Gadot has her newly released mac n' cheese brand, Goodles, while Rihanna has her infamous Fenty Beauty makeup line.

But one celeb is coming out of the woodwork to release a new business of her own - a line of ice cream from none other than our favourite '70s goddess, Cher

"Cherlato" is Cher's new brand of gelato, and she announced the delicious news on Sunday via Instagram video. 

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"Yep, This Is Real…. I’m Launching My Gelato…." Cher started her caption of her Instagram video, which consisted of her giving a tour of the outside of her personal "Cherlato" ice cream truck. 

But Cher's personal Instagram isn't the only marketing effort Cherlato has launched on - the brand already has its own Instagram, @cherlato_gelato.

The brand's Instagram revealed that, as of right now, Cher's gelato will only be available to purchase at the Cherlato trucks that will be based in LA. "We chose to bring Cherlato to you in truck form for a few simple reasons: joy, surprise and accessibility!" one of the posts from Cherlato reads. 

"There's something magical about hearing the jingle of an ice-cream truck, knowing that a delicious treat is just around the corner," the caption states. "We want to spark joy in your day, serving up our boldest and coldest gelato creations in some of the hottest spots in LA!"

Wondering where in LA to catch the Cherlato truck? Turns out, you're just going to have to keep your eyes peeled, as there is no specific revealed location - they'll pop up throughout LA in true ice cream truck style. 

"Surprise and delight await as we pop up into different neighborhoods, making each visit an adventure," the caption finishes.

Cher - Cher's new ice cream brand

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After Cher posted the news of Cherlato's upcoming launch, fans immediately took to the comment section - and we were in stitches reading all of the ice cream/ Cher puns people were creating. 

One fan suggested "If I Could Turn Back Lime" as a hilariously punny flavour name.

"CHURN BACK TIME would have worked better," another fan said. 

Referencing Cher's seminal hit Believe, one fan commented a play on words, "Do You Believe In Ice Cream After Lunch."

Seriously, fans were just straight up offering Cher marketing advice for free. "Marketing advice: change the Shoop Shoop song to the Scoop Scoop song," one fan cheekily suggested. 

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