Charlotte Tilbury's marriage advice to wear makeup to bed outrages fans

Charlotte Tilbury has revealed she always wears eye makeup to bed with her husband

Charlotte Tilbury has revealed she always wears eye makeup to bed with her husband
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Charlotte Tilbury has stunned fans after sharing some questionable marriage advice—don't let your spouse see you without makeup. 

The renowned British makeup artist and founder of the high-end cosmetics line, Charlotte Tilbury, revealed that she always wears a "bedroom eye" when sleeping to "keep the magic alive" with her husband. 

While she didn’t specify which product she uses on her lashes, it’s very likely to be her very own Pillow Talk Push Lashes. Launched in August 2020, this miracle wand has repeatedly been hailed as one the best mascaras ever by consumers and reviewers alike. In fact, it might even be too good to remove at night. 

Charlotte admitted that, while she always wipes away her foundation before bed—how to wash your face properly is skincare 101—she just can’t help but reapply her eye makeup. 

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Charlotte Tilbury reveals she always wears makeup to bed 

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“I take off my makeup, do my skincare, then I put on my Colour Theory eyeliner that lasts 16 hours and my mascara,” she told the Daily Mail. 

Charlotte follows this evening beauty routine militantly to ensure she never exposes her naked face to her husband of seven years, George Waud. 

“George has never seen me without my bedroom eye. Never! I tell you, keep the magic alive,” she said. She also maintained the habit throughout her marriage to her previous husband, Charles Forbes. 

This unconventional marriage advice hasn’t exactly gone down well with the public. Folks were quick to criticize Charlotte’s suggestion to wear makeup to bed for men, with many calling the practice outdated and unhealthy. 

"My advice to single women is never marry someone who you feel you need to do this for..." one person tweeted, adding several red flag emojis. 

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"Charlotte Tilbury is wrong. A successful marriage depends on communication, appreciation, and care," another person commented. 

Others were quick to remind people that Charlotte, whose business is worth over £1 billion, is likely just trying to promote her products. 

"Charlotte Tilbury, well-known flogger of expensive makeup WOULD SAY THAT WOULDN'T SHE??" one dubious Twitter user said. 

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Charlotte Tilbury reached A-list status in the beauty industry back in 2013, when she founded her now-uber successful namesake cosmetics company. She had previously worked as a makeup artist for the stars, boasting Hollywood clients like Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

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