Brad Pitt reveals his love for wholesome British TV show and fans can't handle it

Brad Pitt revealed his love for The Great Pottery Throw Down in a recent interview about his upcoming movie, Bullet Train

Brad Pitt revealed his love
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In a recent interview about his upcoming film, Bullet Train, Brad Pitt revealed that he is a big fan of the British competition television show, The Great Pottery Throw Down.

In an interview with The Big Reviewski, Brad was joined by his co-stars for the upcoming film Bullet Train. The interviewer asked them what they loved to watch on a Friday night and while Aaron said Fight Club and Brad answered Elvis, Brian Tyree Henry revealed that he loves The Great British Bake Off.

This then encouraged Brad to change his answer and say, "Well if we going that route, I'm going The Great Pottery Thow Down, it's fantastic." The actor added that he had "seen every season!"

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Speaking about their love for this show, Brian and Brad complimented the judge Keith Brymer Jones, for his emotional displays on the show. "He cries every time and it's beautiful, but I'm like, he is unhinged and we should make sure he's OK," said Brian. Brad added, "Oh he's so kind, he's so kind and so supportive - I tear up."

Keith saw this clip on Twitter and thanked Brad Pitt and his co-star for their kind words. "Arrh ........cheers lads !" said Keith.

Other members of the cast also saw this clip and took to social media to celebrate. "WTF @KBJWhitstable !!! #potterythrowdown My plan to get closer to Brad is definitely working. Playing the long game works," said Siobhán McSweeney who is best known as Sister Michael on Derry Girls.

Former presenter of The Great Pottery Throw Down, Sara Cox, also took to Twitter to share her delight. "Oh. My. Gaaaaaaaaaad. @KBJWhitstable," said the presenter as she also tagged the judge Keith.

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The Great Pottery Throw Down also tweeted, "The first rule of pottery club is: you *must* talk about pottery. We’re so happy to hear that legends Brad Pitt and Brian Tyree Henry love crying over bowls as much as we do! #potterythrowdown"

Fans of the TV show are also shocked that the A-lister enjoys the show, "I LOVE that Brad Pitt watches and loves The Great Pottery Throwdown!" said one fan on Twitter.

Some are even demanding that Brad and Brian feature on a celebrity throwdown special. "Celebrity Pottery Throwdown with Brad Pitt and Brian Tyree Henry as contestant RIGHT BLOODY NOW!," said another fan on Twitter.

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