BAFTA highlights—all the best moments from the ceremony

From the hilarious to the awkward, here's a rundown of all the best BAFTA highlights that shocked and delighted viewers

BAFTA highlights
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There were a number of BAFTA highlights at last night's awards ceremony celebrating the best in film and television.

From hilariously pointed comments to heartbreaking tributes, there are a lot of moving moments that everyone seems to be talking about following the BAFTA ceremony.

So if you want to see the highlights without having to sit through the whole show, here is our rundown of all the BAFTA moments from the 2022 show that you do not want to miss...

Emma Watson is here for 'All the witches'

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Emma Watson took to the stage at the BAFTA awards and told fans that she was here for 'all of the witches." This comment was made after Rebel Wilson introduced the actress by stating, "Here to present the next award is Emma Watson. She calls herself a feminist, but we all know she’s a witch."

Emma emphasized the word 'all,' which lead many fans to believe that she was making a subtle dig at the author of the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling. The author has made it known that she is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist and does not support the movement that aims to include transwomen as 'all women'. Emma Watson has previously said that she disagrees with this statement from Rowling.

Rebel Wilson's message to Putin

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In one segment of the show, Rebel Wilson made a political statement about the crisis in Ukraine as she spoke about Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

In the segment about the film CODA, a coming of age film that centers around a deaf family, Rebel said, 'in all sign languages, this is the gesture for Putin." 

The host then raised her hand and showed the camera her middle finger. This was met with a huge round of applause from the audience who laughed at her witty comment.

Daniel Kaluuya pays tribute to Jamal Edwards 

In a moving moment at the BAFTA awards, Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya paid a short and sweet tribute to music mogul Jamal Edwards who died from a 'sudden heart attack' in February at the age of 31.

As Daniel arrived on stage to present the leading actress award, the actor said, ‘Eternal life to Jamal Edwards,’ he then went on to present the awards in the category, 

Fans loved this brief tribute to the artist and took to social media to appreciate Daniel's statement. "Nice shout for Jamal Edwards from Daniel Kaluuya at the #BAFTAs," said one fan.

"Daniel Kaluuya keeping the late Jamal Edwards' name alive is a great example of why it's Wakanda forever #BAFTAs," said another.

Daniel Kaluuya

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James Bond rumors 

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After showing off her fake tattoo of Daniel Craig on her leg, Rebel Wilson asked the age-old question, who will be the new James Bond? As she joked that the next Bond might be in the audience.

The camera then panned to various actors in the audience, who all had very different reactions to the joke. While Sebastian Stan looked shocked and sank into his seat, Daniel Kaluuya raised his eyebrow in a jokingly mysterious way and then burst into laughter.

The actress then announced, "Hold on to your martinis because the Broccolis have let me announce it here and now, this is a scoop, I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me! Oh my god, yes!"

This was another joke that referenced the outcry earlier in the year when it was debated whether the new James Bond should be played by a woman.

Who hosted the BAFTAs? 

Rebel Wilson hosted the BAFTAs 2022. The comedy actress stole the show and impressed fans with her quick wit and edgy humor. While many praised her no-bars-held approach, others found fault in her hosting abilities.

The actress ultimately divided fans who either loved her brutal comments or found the entire gig cringe-worthy and unfunny.

Where were the BAFTAs held this year?

The BAFTAs were held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, this iconic location has been the location for this ceremony since 2017.

The Victorian Venue is located in South Kensington, London, and is just a stone's throw from Kensington Palace, the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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