Andi Peters clashes with 'rude' Piers Morgan on GMB

The TV presenter was congratulating him on his GQ award

Andi Peters
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Pier Morgan is famous for saying exactly what he thinks and also starting spats with guests on the ITV morning show - and he's at it again.

Andi Peters, who regularly guest presents on the show, attempted to congratulate the GMB presenter for his GQ award, where he won Best Personality of the Year - however, Piers didn't seem to like the appreciation. 

Andi, who was promoting one of the show's competitions held up a sign congratulating Piers, when they cut to him via video link. However, Piers took it as an opportunity to tease Andi about the last award he had won.

Piers Morgan

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Holding up the sign, Andi said: "Congratulations Piers by the way, had a sign made for you, well done."

Piers replied: "Thank you, any trophies in your cabinet?" 

"Loads! Hello?!" Andi said, joking about his children's' TV presenting past: "Smash Hits poll winners party, top TV presenter for three consecutive years!"

However, Piers just took this as an opportunity to further tease him: "What year was that?" But then went on to say: "Let me rephrase the question - what century was that? What Millenium?"

Shaking his head Andi branded Piers 'rude', and then picked up his new book, Wake Up, and jokingly kicked it before he said: "Don't need that anymore."

But Piers, who always has to have the last word said: "You can kick it all you like, all you're doing is making it a bigger bestseller."

The presenters are known to have had arguments before, with Piers once telling Andi he would pay him £3000 to shut up.

Andi Peters started his career in children's television - presenting Live and Kicking, the Ozone and Top of The Pops.

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