Amanda Holden gave birth with a full face of makeup – and wanted to wear stilettos too

Amanda Holden
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Amanda Holden is known for her glamorous looks, and it turns out she gave birth to her oldest daughter Lexi whilst wearing makeup.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast Show, she said she wanted to ‘look her best’ when she became a mother for the first time.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed, "My Lexi had this thing called placenta previa which means she couldn't come out the normal way because her placenta was in the way, she was using it as a cushion basically, she was doing like a headstand on it.

"So I had to have a C-section so I did full glam. I had lip gloss, I did a lash," she admitted, describing the effort she put in on the day.

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Amanda Holden

If that wasn’t enough, she told listeners that she’d asked the doctors if she could wear her stilettos, to which they replied, “No way, you have to take your shoes off”. That’s understandable really!

Amanda Holden has two daughters with husband Chris Hughes, 13-year-old Lexi and seven-year-old Hollie. It’s unclear if she was as glamorous during Hollie’s birth, but it seemed she wanted to look her best during her first birth.

Most new mums don’t really care what they look like, but for Amanda her appearance was really important to her. She frequently shares her daily outfits on her Instagram account, before taking to the mic on Heart Breakfast Show with fellow host Jamie Theakston.

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She recently shared this casual yet chic look, with a midi Whistles dress and simple flat shoes. Amanda Holden can definitely nail any style, whether it’s relaxed or all dolled up.

Amanda also addressed her supposed feud with Philip Schofield that was making headlines, telling her co-host, "I've moved on from it, Jamie, you need to move on from it."

"I did offer to meet him for a coffee months ago, he didn't reply to my text. What can I say?" Amanda shared, ending the conversation. So it's still unclear what's going on there, but we can't imagine the two of them working together soon...

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