Adele's surprise collaborator on heartbreaking new track leaves fans in tears

Adele's surprise collaborator features on a track from her new 30 album and excited fans can't believe their ears

CBS reveal images from the exclusive Oprah interview in ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY, a primetime special which was broadcast Sunday, Nov. 14
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Adele's surprise collaborator has left fans speechless as her emotional track delves deep into the dissolution of her marriage.

Although it was previously suggested that the star's new album, 30, wouldn't be all about her divorce, the record tells her side of the story from start to finish. Adele's album tracklist details her alcohol habits during the difficult time and even features a voice note recording of her 9-year-old son Angelo.

In the utterly heartbreaking track, 'My Little Love', audio recordings of the singer in conversation with her son include him trying to stop his beloved mother from crying. 

The recordings were made in 2019, before Adele finalized her divorce from Simon Konecki after a two-year battle over finances. The Daily Mail reports that the song includes the lyrics, "I’m so sorry if what I’ve done makes you feel sad."

The recordings pull even more at the heartstrings when the star is heard saying, "Tell me you love me," to which Angelo replies, "I love you, one million percent. I feel like you like me too."

Adele tearfully continues, "You know Mummy doesn’t like anyone else like I like you, right? Mummy’s been having a lot of big feelings lately, I’m confused and I don’t know what I’m doing."

Discussing the split from his father, the singer tells her son, "I love your dad because he gave you to me."

The artist credits a lot of her experience and the divorcee with going through her Saturn Return. Adele's Saturn earrings, tattoo, and all those emojis bolster that reference. The period, which everyone goes through, can be tumultuous and it's clear from the recordings that the singer suffered immensely.

"I’ve had a bad day, I’m very anxious," she says. "I feel very paranoid, stressed, and I’m hungover which never helps. I feel like today is the first day since I left him that I actually feel lonely—and I never do. I just feel really lonely and frightened, and I’m worried I might feel like this a lot."

During her interview with Oprah, on the Adele One Night Only TV special, the songstress spoke about her hopes and dreams for her only son—who she wants to be a, "good and happy person."

"I don't expect anything of him," she said. "I don't care what his career is, as long as he's passionate about whatever it is that he does and that he's happy."

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