Adele's best friend 'honored' after singer pays tribute to her late mother at Las Vegas residency

Adele invited the audience at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace to help her pay a special tribute to the late mother of her best friend, Raven B. Varona

Adele's best friend 'honored' after singer pays tribute to her late mother at Las Vegas residency
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Adele shared some heartbreaking personal news with her fans at her Las Vegas concert at the weekend. 

Adele has shared a heartbreaking update on her personal life, revealing to fans during the second weekend of her Las Vegas residency that her best friend's mother had tragically died. 

Raven B. Varona, the British superstar's personal photographer, reportedly lost her beloved mom, Leigh, just hours after the first Weekends with Adele wrapped. 

It's understood that Adele, who is performing at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace in Sinc City every weekend until March 2023, rushed to comfort the 32-year-old following the devastating news. The death occurred a little more than two years after Raven revealed that her mother suffered from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and was considered in the high-risk category for falling seriously ill from COVID-19. 

"The passing has hit them both hard," a source told the Sun


Adele and Raven B. Varona 

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Despite Adele's insistence that Raven take compassionate leave, the Bronx-born photographer refused to let her friend down. She even covered the Grammy-award-winner's second round of shows at Caesar's Palace Colosseum, seemingly determined to work through the grief. 

Adele paused her show last weekend to honor Raven's mother, inviting the audience of 4,000 to join her in a poignant musical tribute. 

“I would really appreciate it if you could all put on your torches on your phone and shine them like stars so I know her mum can see us," the singer said, before beginning a particularly emotional rendition of her 2008 ballad, Make You Feel Make Love. 


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Raven took to Instagram later to share her gratitude for the heartwarming performance, revealing she "felt" her late mother's presence throughout the song. The talented photographer also said that she had "hoped" to bring Leigh to one of Adele's concerts in Las Vegas, but cherished the memory of getting to show her mom the photos she'd taken at Weekend One of the rescheduled residency. 

Adele's sweet tribute comes just a week after Raven took to Instagram to share her own heartfelt words about her late mother. 

"Your personality was giant," she wrote. "Your legacy will live in every room I walk into.

"The list of things I will miss about you is endless but I’m so grateful that our love and life together was so detailed. I remember and know everything. Our love was loud and reactive. Thank you for teaching me how to be me. Thank you thank you thank you. I already miss you but I am relived to know that you are no longer in pain. You waited for me. Even in your last moments you were still taking care of me." 

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