Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, Bonfire Night doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Here are 7 reasons why we're excited to celebrate the explosive holiday this year...

1. Wrapping up

Bonfire night is all about piling on as many layers as possible - and we love it! At last, we can take our wellies out of summer retirement, tuck scarves into our coats and pull winter hats firmly over our ears. The biting cold might leave our breaths puffing out in clouds, but from the depths of a furry Parka, we're untouchable.

2. Toffee apples

When else is it acceptable to eat pieces of fruit coated in a sticky layer of sugary goodness? Whether they're covered in soft caramel or have a crunchy glaze, toffee apples aren't just delicious, they're also incredibly fun to make. Gather your family and friends together to prepare your apples, then go out into the night clutching your treats.

3. Underwhelming explosivesUsually found at parties held at home, less-than-impressive fireworks are one of the most endearing aspects of Bonfire Night. Even at official displays. there's usually at least one rocket that manages to fly off into the distance and disappear without a sound. But let's face it, the night wouldn't be the same without it.4. Everyone's terrible photos

No matter how hard we try, it's almost impossible to take an impressive picture of a single rocket or explosion. Still, despite knowing all we'll leave with is 50 blurry photos of a misty looking sky, that doesn't stop us from trying to capture the moment in all its glory.

5. History and tradition

Bonfire night was declared a holiday in 1606, celebrating the failure of gunpowder expert Guy Fawkes' attempts to destroy the Houses of Parliament. To this day the Yeomen of the Guard, armed with lanterns and in full costume, patrol the basements of the Houses of Parliament every year, checking for modern day copycats. In other celebrations however, the rebellious attitudes behind the holiday are still echoed. At Guy Fawkes' old school (St. Peter's in York) for example, they refuse to throw the traditional Guy on the bonfire - in respect for their former pupil.

6. That smell

Smell is a great transporter and there's something about the smokiness of gunpowder that takes us back to the awe of seeing our first fireworks. Coupled with the lingering aroma of a bonfire, it's a scent that truly encapsulates everything that's good about the season. We might not feel the same way when we're still trying to get the smell out of our hair a week later, but at the time, it's magical.

7. Sparklers

Writing our names in the air, watching children run around with imaginary wands and the satisfying hiss of putting out sparklers in a water bucket - it simply never gets old.