5 Adorable Ways Pippa's Wedding Was Similar To Catherine's

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It was the event that everyone was looking forward to catching a glimpse of - and Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews certainly didn't disappoint!

The Duchess of Cambridge's little sister enjoyed a gorgeous day, and it seems everything went off without a hitch. Prince George and Princess Charlotte almost stole the show from their auntie, dressed in their page boy and flower girl outfits. But Pippa's stunning lace Giles Deacon dress ensured that she was the true star of the day.

Meghan Markle left royal watchers chomping at the bit to see if she'd eventually put in an appearance. And while she didn't attend the ceremony, she was spotted driving to the reception with Harry, who had apparently driven the 100 miles back to London to go and collect her.

But of course, the Duchess of Cambridge was there to faithfully support her sister in her big day, and spent every moment of the ceremony by Pippa's side.

And although they've happened six years apart, we couldn't help but notice some adorable similarities between Catherine and Pippa's respective weddings...

Catherine helps Pippa with her dress on arrival, as Pippa did for her six years ago...

Both sisters acted as the maid of honour at the others wedding, sorting out the dress at the last minute and co-ordinating the young boys and girls playing the role of flower girls and page boys.

A little member of the page boy and flower girl group looks like they'd rather be anywhere else...

Prince George reportedly got a bit of a telling off from his mum during the celebrations for stepping on Pippa's wedding dress - and it seems the young prince wasn't happy about it! George looking a bit miserable reminded us of the three-year-old flower girl at Catherine and William's wedding, who also looked like she'd have enough!

Pippa wore the same earrings she did at the Duchess' wedding - perhaps they were her something old?

The bride decided to recycle a pair of Robinson Pelham earrings for her own wedding - the same pair that were especially commissioned for her for her sister's wedding back in 2011.

The bride and groom rode away in a vintage car...

Both couples departed from their wedding ceremony and heading to their reception in gorgeous vintage cars - Pippa's a Jaguar, and Catherine's, Prince Charles' old motor car, with a sign stuck on by William's cheeky brother Harry!

The bridge and groom delighted crowds with a kiss as a married couple outside of the church...

Both couples stepped out of their ceremonies to waiting crowds, and treated them all to an adorable show of affection during their first moments as a married couple.

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