Cleaning expert Mrs Hinch shares her technique for a showroom-worthy bed in a flash

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  • Online cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has revealed her insider tips to making your bed look perfect each morning...

    Online cleaning queen Sophie Hinchliffe – or Mrs Hinch to her followers – has revealed her bed-making secrets on her Instagram page. 

    But this post from the social media sensation has a bit of a twist, because for the first time she has got her husband, Jamie Hinchliffe, lending a hand. 

    Jamie has shown the nation that it’s not just his wife who is a dab hand at homemaking, but that he has also got the knack to making a showroom-worthy bed. But let’s face it, he has learnt from the best. 

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    Happy Wednesday my Hinchers! Half way through the week already 💪🏼 just a quick message from me having spritzed my bed and chopped my cushions it made me think .. if you’re considering setting up an Instagram home or cleaning account , please just do it! Like I said on my story today not one of us have a qualification in “professional Instagram home accounts” now do we 🤣 So we are all winging it .. we are ALL in this together , just wanting to enjoy our homes! No one is better than anyone else and each home is made up of someone’s hard work and efforts. So set up your home account , own it , be proud of it and wing it like me mate! I once made out I was setting up my bedroom for some magazine shoot 🤷🏼‍♀️ even balanced some shiny vase on the end of my bed 😩 .. never did I think it would actually end up in a national newspaper so 😂 ATB! You never know , give it a go! 😉 love you all my Hinchers! ❤️ #inthistogether #allthebest #atb #mrshinch #imahincher #hinching #mrshinchmademedoit #youneverknow #giveitago

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    Mrs Hinch’s husband has sent her followers into a frenzy with his bed-making technique with everyone commenting on what a good job he made. Apparently the technique is easy – it is all in the straight lines and cushion chopping! 

    In the video he tells Mrs Hinch’s followers, affectionately known as ‘Hinchers’, how it is done: ‘One of the most important parts is the tucking in. The duvet must be tucked into the bed frame. 

    ‘Once the pillows are plumped they must be in a straight line, and the throw needs to be an inch from the floor, and also in a straight line.’

    But the technique doesn’t end there. There is then a second throw that goes on the end of the bed, this time a soft, grey, furry one. He then ‘chops’ the pillows in the middle to make them into a ‘v’ shape at the top, before lining everything up at right angles. 

    Mrs Hinch’s handy tips don’t end at bed-making. She has also revealed that if you want to get your kitchen sink gleaming then all you need is some fabric softener. 

    According to the cleaning guru, by adding a capful of fabric softener to the sink while the plug is in, then pouring a kettle-full of boiling water on top you’re well on your way to a shiny sink.

    Just leave for four hours while topping up with freshly boiled water occasionally, and by the time you let the water out, your sink will be sparkling.


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