Bedroom wallpaper ideas that are guaranteed to make your sleep space gorgeous

Get a look that’s right for you with these very different ideas to dress your walls.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas - make a statement

There are so many new ways to use wallpaper in yourbedroom. No longer constrained to four matching walls and staid prints, the latest wallpaper designs offer so much more - and are no longer just for your walls! If you're looking for striking bedroom ideas, wallpaper can be the winning ingredient.

A wallpaper makeover could be just what your bedroom needs for a simple yet striking transformation and there are numerous different styles when it comes to choosing a look you’ll love. Your bedroom should be a place to unwind and relax after a busy day, or a space to make guests feel welcome when visiting, so selecting the right design is vital in dictating the mood you want to create.

Pick a toning floral

Image credit: Colin Poole

Add some flower power to your scheme with a statement wallpaper in a bold, floral print. This is a strong look, so be warned - you need to accessorise with caution. Match the background tones in the room to those on the wallpaper and use the purple of the flower as an accent shade. Try an all-white chateau-style bed paired with black bedside tables and table lamps.

Foreground your walls

Image credit: Brent Darby

When it comes to bedroom wallpaper, making an impact can be as important as choosing a calming colour palette. Pick a wallpaper design that manages to do both - one that is striking and interesting, yet pale and gentle enough not to overwhelm the space. Mix and match textures, shades and patterns across soft furnishings.

Mesmerise with pattern

Image credit: Matthew Williams

Create an intricate look of layered graphics by hanging a repeat-pattern wallpaper behind a smaller-scale headboard fabric, each in a subtle complementary colours. The fading effect of the wallpaper pattern repeats pleases the eye and softens the scheme. Pick accessories that won't distract from the main event, such as glass table lamps and pure white bed linen.

Fade out with finesse

Image credit: Jan Baldwin

Use wallpaper to frame traditional features by choosing a design with a vertical fade. This stunning Middle East inspired pattern is printed in the middle of the roll, leaving a plain neutral border at the top that draws the eye up to the picture rail and curved cornicing. Brighten up the sophisticated grey and white palette with a bright accent colour - sunny yellow is perfect here - and choose simple soft furnishings to keep the overall look calm and polished.

Suit-up with pinstripes

Image credit: Claudia Bryant

Nothing says crisp like an immaculate pinstripe so it’s a great way to start an elegant bedroom scheme. Hang a vertical striped pattern behind the bed to create a feature wall and accentuate the tailored look with a palette of smart city greys and buttoned detailing. Add quirky accessories like these animal-print plates and a statement lamp to stop the look from becoming too stuffy. Finally, pile the bed with soft pillows in complementary patterns to soften the edges.

Make it monochrome

Image credit: Claire Davies

Black and white is a timeless choice for making a statement with your wallpaper. A feature wall in a monochrome print works perfectly in a bedroom setting where you can bring in colour through other elements such as bedding, cushions and throws. This is an ideal choice if you’re worried about committing to one colour when decorating, as the look can be updated easily and cheaply through accessorising.

Create a coastal theme

Image credit: David Brittain

For an on-trend nautical vibe, choose a classic stripe design in shades of white and blue. Remember that vertical stripes will make a ceiling appear higher and horizontal stripes will widen a room, so bear this in mind when choosing your paper. Style up the space with nautical bedroom accessories such as coordinating bed linen, white washed baskets and wooden details.

Pretty up with florals

Image credit: Mark Scott

A classic floral print will add a feminine touch to your bedroom and can adapt to almost any colour palette. This versatile style can take on anything from a vintage look with ditsy florals, to a sophisticated contemporary vibe with bold blooms. This work looks best as a single statement wall, as the patterns can easily look too busy if used on multiple surfaces. However, if you do fancy going for broke. Try clashing faded florals with a Bohemian paisley print, as done successfully here.

Work in a woodland scheme

Image credit: David Brittain

Bring the outdoors in and create a cosy retreat by opting for a wood panel effect wallpaper for your bedroom. This style of paper is ideal for creating a faux architectural detail and adding interest to your space, without breaking the bank. Continue to work the woodland trend by mixing in chunky knits throws and scandi-inspired details with pops of primary colours for an unexpected twist.

Off the wall

If you’re looking for a quirky and unique bedroom look, why not think outside the box and go for a whimsical print such as books, butterflies or maps? Choosing a print that reflects your interests will add a personal touch to your space and can bring a new lease of life to a plainer room.

Go geometric

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Bring your bedroom walls up to date with a funky geometric pattern in bright and punchy shades. This style of wallpaper generally works best as a feature wall with plainer surrounding walls, due to the busy designs. It’s the perfect choice for a contemporary bedroom and will instantly create a dynamic focal point, no matter what shape or size the room.

Will you be using any of the bedroom wallpaper ideas to decorate your sleep space?

From our sister site IdealHome. Words by Jennifer Louise Ebert.