The 'quietly moving' debut novel that sells every minute

Settling down with a good book is one of life's greatest pleasures.

But with so many brilliant novels out there, all promising different things - be it a tear-jerking romance or a dramatic thriller - it can be difficult to know which one to pick up next.

However, when you hear about a book that sells every minute, even two years after its release, it's clearly something we should be adding to the very top of our reading list.

And that book is Ruth Hogan's debut novel, The Keeper of Lost Things, which was released back in 2017. Since landing on the scene, it's sold a whopping 800,000 copies, and has even been awarded the prestigious accolade of being a Sunday Times bestseller.

The book begins with the story of Anthony Peardew, who lost a treasured keepsake from his beloved fiancee, Therese, the same day she died over forty years ago.

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Over the years, Andrew has sought comfort in collecting and treasuring lost objects, and writing stories about them. But he realises, just as it becomes too late, that he hasn't done enough to reconcile the items with their owners.

Andrew leaves the task to his assistant, Laura, leading her on a emotional and heartwarming journey.

With such an intriguing and charming-sounding plot, it's no surprise that Ruth's debut novel still sells every minute. We certainly can't wait to pick it up!

But if you've already been lucky enough to devour The Keeper of Lost Things, and are desperate for more from the author, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for Ruth's brand new release, Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel.

Described as an 'uplifting' story about 'mothers and daughters, families and secrets, and the astonishing power of friendship', the book centres on the character of Tilly, whose happy life as a young girl is shattered when her mother sends her away from her Brighton home to boarding school, with no warning.

Years later, now named Tilda, she returns to Brighton, to unravel the truth about her 'exile' from Paradise Hotel, with the help of her beloved Queenie - and she makes some stunning revelations...

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