Aled Jones reveals sweet admission Princess Diana made about Prince Harry and Prince William

The singer once sang for Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with young Prince William and Prince Harry at Highgrove House in 1986
(Image credit: Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images))

Aled Jones once knocked a pint of water over during a private performance for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, but the late Princess of Wales revealed her sons did it, “all the time."

The Walking in the Air singer revealed on Kate Thornton’s podcast, White Wine Question Time, that the Prince of Wales had called Aled’s father to invite him personally to go and sing at the palace in the 1980’s.

He said, “'I love your son's voice. I'd love him to come down to Kensington Palace to sing for myself and Diana, when is he free?

"My dad went,  'Tomorrow if you like?' And a couple of days later, my mum and my pianist from Wales, Annette, and myself found ourselves sitting in Kensington Palace in the living room looking at photos of William and Harry as little babies.”

Recalling memories from the special performance, Aled, 50, said, “Then in came Charles and gave my mum a gin and tonic. Then Diana came and she'd been swimming, and I sang for an hour."

But, just after Aled’s performance, he knocked a glass of water over on the palace carpet and was terrified about the repercussions. Thankfully, Princess Diana took it all in her stride.

“I thought, Oh my god, they're gonna send me to the tower!’ And Diana was lovely. She said, 'The boys do it all the time, don't worry,' rubbing it in. It was amazing,” Aled recalled. 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry at Highgrove House in 1986

(Image credit: Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Although Aled Jones—who shot to fame in 1985 with his cover of Walking in the Air—has performed in front of audiences big and small, nothing could have prepared him for the nerves he felt that day.

“I couldn't open the door because I was so nervous, because it was just so surreal,” he explained to Kate.

"I'm used to dealing with concert halls and thousands of people but this was just two people. [It was] really exposing but they were lovely. 

"In the end we did a 'what would you like to hear?' And so for Diana I sang some Beatles songs and for Charles did some Handel and it was lovely.”

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