American Beauty: AERIN launches its first fragrance collection

Photo of Model Aerin

As the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, Aerin Lauder knows beauty, and has been sharing her vision of it through her eponymous beauty line, AERIN Beauty, for more than a year.

A NEW DISCOVERY Now Aerin's aspirational and refined aesthetic has been translated into a covetable collection of five scents, each drawing on emotions and moments in life we can all relate to, and each with its own story to tell. Every detail is considered, with each bottle crowned with a gem-like lid in a shade that correlates to the notes of the fragrance; even the boxes showcase designs from Aerin's own textile collection.


Ikat Jasmine is the fragrance manifestation of the comfortable, stylish and timeless allure of the perfect pair of jeans. Jasmine Sambac, jasmine Egypt infusion and tuberose fleur meet with an accent of honeysuckle for an unforgettable scent.

Lilac Path reimagines the lilac bush that blooms at Aerin's late grandmother's country home. It includes jasmine, orange flower and lilac, which mimic the first hint of spring - crisp, invigorating, modern.

Like a comforting cashmere blanket, Amber Musk cocoons you in warmth. Amber and creamy musk meet coconut water for a smooth, sensual scent. Rose centifolia absolute adds a feminine accent. Gardenia Rattan feels like a warming touch of summer sun. The scent of gardenia calls on one of Aerin's earliest memories and nestles with tuberose and Tahitian tiare. Amber runs beneath the floral heart.

Discover the AERIN fragrance collection for yourself here