Premier Inn reports rise in pillow sales following TikTok trend

Have you tried Premier Inn pillows yet?

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Premier Inn has reportedly seen a spike in demand for its pillows, thanks to a TikTok trend that quickly gained momentum. We’re all on the lookout for the best pillow to suit our sleeping preferences. And it’s clear that our pillow habits can certainly say a lot about our personalities. But while many people will naturally look to the high street or home stores to pick up their preferred pillows and bedsheets, others have been turning to a completely different source.

Many of us won't have previously considered heading to Premier Inn to invest in  new pillows, although the popular British hotel chain has sold the pillows and beds that can be found in its hotels for many years. 

But now they’ve supposedly seen a surge in demand after TikTok users began sharing videos after buying the bedding. 

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As part of the #TikTokmademebuyit trend that’s been gaining popularity online, one TikTok user, @charconnor posted a video in which she revealed she'd bought one of the pillow sets. This clip has since gone on to receive 100,000 views! 

According to The Mirror, the brand said that, as a result of this, it’s had a 65% uplift in sales of the pillows, which are sold in pairs. That works out as an astonishing 6,000 pillows! This is reportedly a 400% increase on sales compared to this time last year.

What are the Premier Inn pillows made from?

Tempted to try the Premier Inn pillows for yourself? They are made of blown hypoallergenic fibres. Not only do they feel lightweight, but they’re also extra easy to plump back into shape in the morning. 

The pillow sets also come with a pillow protector made of poly-cotton blend and can be purchased from the Premier Inn website (opens in new tab) with prices from £25. You can even choose soft or firm, depending on what works best for you. And if you don’t want to stop there, Premier Inn even sells mattresses too.

Hotel room interior. A Premier Inn double room, London, England, UK

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As reported by The Mirror, Sarah Simpson, who heads up sleep product development at Premier Inn said, ‘We understand how important getting a great night’s sleep is – whether you are at home or in one of our hotels.

‘And with many of us missing weekends away it is great to see so many people investing in the quality of their sleep. Our pillows are the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of Premier Inn at home.’

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic proving challenging for people across the world, many of us will be wondering how to sleep better and feel rested. Will you be trying out the Premier Inn pillows?

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