Tracee Ellis Ross makes a case for wooden body massage tools - but what the heck are they meant for?

If the word "massage" is involved, count us in

Tracee Ellis Ross wooden body massage tools
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Tracee Ellis Ross recently took to her Instagram showcasing her love for wooden body massage tools, but fans are mostly just wondering what the heck they are and why she's using them.

There are all kinds of wellness tools out there that are available for fulfilling all of your personal health and aesthetic needs - from ice rollers, to gua shas, to the celeb-popular face sculpting tool the NuFace (which is majorly on sale right now, BTW), there truly is no shortage of wellness contraptions to choose from. Recently, though, Tracee Ellis Ross put a new one on our radar, and we're investigating these little bad boys to find out more. 

You might not be familiar with wooden body massage tools yet - but Tracee Ellis Ross just cleared the air about what these sort of strange looking tools do, and how they actually can be extremely beneficial to your body. 

The black-ish star can be seen in one of her most recent Instagram posts vigorously rubbing various wooden tools up and down her legs. "Y’all think this sh*t is a game?!? 😂😂 thank you @olfaperbalparis for these torture tools that seem to lift and smooth this 50 year old kit," she said in her caption. 

While wearing a sheet mask on her face, she explains what each tool does as she uses them - one tool helps to "lift" her butt, she says, and the others help do the same thing, but on her legs. While giggling, she uses each tool on her body, brushing them in upwards strokes. 

While we weren't quite sure what the heck she was doing, others apparently have already gotten the memo about the power of wooden body massage tools.

"Wood therapy is the TRUTH!! 🙌" one person commented under Tracee's video.

Another fan said that even her mother has been practicing this wellness trick for years. "My mom used to do this to loosen fat and prevent cellulose," she commented. 

Tracee Ellis Ross wooden body massage tools

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Turns out, there are whole sets of wooden body massage and sculpting tools you can purchase on sites like Amazon (we've been eyeing this eight-piece set in particular), and others can attest to their Lymphatic drainage abilities. 

One reviewer on Amazon commented that the set "is such a great way to help w cellulite" and is "so easy" to use. 

Each of the wooden massage tools has a different purpose and can be used on different parts of your body - for example, the one Tracee uses on her upper legs and butt has a look similar to a hair diffuser. 

Similar to dry brushing, this is another lymphatic drainage technique that can help push those unwanted and unnecessary fluids out of your body, ultimately looking and feeling lighter and more energised. So, if that sounds like something you want, perhaps these wooden tools are good for you. 

In fact, Tracee was so convincing in her video that even Kate Hudson commented on her post saying that she wanted to purchase a set of her own - and that's convincing enough for us. 

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