Sex therapy app, Lover, is the first of its kind to be granted approval from the FDA

Now you can get therapy for sexual issues in the palm of your hand

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A new app called Lover wants to break the stigma surrounding sex issues and sexual therapy and has just been approved by the Federal Drug and Food Administration.

Sexual wellness is essential for maintaining a healthy and pleasurable sex life. As we get older, our bodies change, and with it, our needs or hangups in the bedroom. It's no secret that sex and menopause can have both negative and positive impacts on relationships, but through the work of the Lover app, you can turn sex, with your partner (or the best vibrator) into a positive and climactic experience.

Getting FDA approval is a major milestone for the app, which co-founder and certified clinical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair is thankful for.

"To receive this approval is a game-changer for us as it means doctors and clinicians can feel even more comfortable in recommending us as a viable alternative to traditional forms of care for sexual dysfunction," she said.

What is the sex therapy app Lover?

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Lover is an online safe space that allows users to connect with sex experts in a one-to-one format. Through clinical-approved exercises, users can work to improve their sex life and talk with one of the many sex experts available. 

Users will be able to set their own sexual wellness goals and have coursework tailored specifically for them. The app is free to download in the app store and users will receive their first personalized activity for free. To continue working on their sexual wellness goals, the app will require users to choose from two possible memberships: three-month access for $59.99 (£51.99) or annual access for $119.99 (£102.99).

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For those who may be skeptical about using an app for therapy, Lover has found that 92% of women are able to climax more easily and consistently during sex, after completing exercises found in the app. 70% of women with low libido also reported an increase in sexual desire after completing the exercises in the app.

"Prioritizing your sex life and your sexual pleasure may very well help you move through the world happier, healthier, and more satisfied in your relationship," Dr. Britney Blair added. "With Lover, we hope we can help many more people than my team could ever see at our clinic. We want to make sexual wellness accessible to everyone.”

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