Train Your Brain To Love Healthy Eating

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  • Fed up of craving unhealthy, fatty foods? Retrain your brain to love only the good stuff with our expert's guide...

    Retrain your brain’s habits to love healthy eating!

    Think back to a time when your food cravings were practically non-existent. For most of us, it would have been when we were a small child, when we only ate when we were hungry and rarely day dreamed about chocolate treats or salty snacks.

    The reason for this is because our brains had yet to develop the association we now have with these high-calorie foods so we were happy to enjoy healthy eating.

    As adults, we crave sugar, caffeine and high fat foods. All day, most of us feel like we’re constantly battling with ourselves to avoid these tempting treats and love healthy eating.

    A recent study carried out at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centre on Ageing at Tufts University in America has discovered that the answer could be easier than we thought. It’s simply a matter of re-training our brains to stop craving high calorie-laden foods and instead seek out only fresh and healthy options.

    Our expert, health and weight-loss coach Joanne Henson, has developed her top ten tips on how you can start to work on retraining your brain to stop craving those unhealthy, fattening foods. Click through to change your relationship with cravings today and fall in love with healthy eating again…

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