The Wheat Belly Diet

Could cutting out wheat be the answer to losing weight and staying healthy?

Wheat has been a hot topic of conversation for months, with many people questioning its affects on the body in terms of digestion, weight gain and even rashes on the skin. Cardiologist William Davis, MD and author of Wheat Belly (£12.99; Harper Collins) has been an advocate for the wheat free diet for years, arguing that wheat is the single largest contributor to the obesity epidemic and cause of health conditions ranging from heart disease to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

‘Flip through your parents’ or grandparent’s family albums and you’re likely to be struck by how thin everyone looks,’ William Davis explains. ‘Overweight was something measured only by a few pounds, obesity rare.

‘I believe that the increased consumption of grains explains the contrast between slender, sedentary people of the fifties and overweight twenty-first-century people.’

Basing his theory on his own experience, William continues to explain: ‘As a cardiologist who sees and treats thousands of patients at risk for heart disease, diabetes and myriad destructive effects of obesity, I have personally observed protuberant, flop-over-the-belt belly fat vanish when my patients eliminated wheat from their diets and there is ample scientific research to indicate the removal of wheat as a positive to relieving many health symptoms.’

So what exactly is The Wheat Belly diet? Firstly, it’s about getting rid of wheat products from your diet – that means bread, pastries, pasta, biscuits, pancakes and more are off the menu. Instead, embrace other natural, good-for-you foods like vegetables, raw nuts, olive oil, and eggs. On the Wheat Belly diet, you can even enjoy cheese and cacao butter! According to William, by following the Wheat Belly diet you won’t just shed extra pounds but also look – and feel – much better, especially if you suffer from IBS, heart conditions or skin issues.

Intrigued? Read on to find out our quick guide of what to eat and not to eat on the Wheat Belly Diet.

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