The Bikini Promise

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  • The Bikini Promise is a brand new plan for a slimmer, healthier body...

    In recent years, Lorraine Kelly has revealed her impressive two stone weight-loss and toned bikini body. She’s even shown off her brilliant figure live on This Morning. So how has she done it?

    The presenter revealed in a recent interview that she has never felt more confident, and it’s all thanks to The Bikini Promise – a new plan promoting a slimmer, healthier and happier body!

    Ten years ago, completely out of the blue, nutritionist, TV presenter and The Bikini Promise, £6.99, creator, Sally Bee suffered three heart attacks due to a very rare heart condition that she didn’t know she had. “It was really tough”, she says. “I had to say goodbye to my husband and three babies as the doctors said I was going to die. My heart stopped, my eyes closed and all the pain I was suffering went away.

    “My next breath was a miracle, and from that breath onwards I’ve been committed to making sure that I keep my body in the best shape possible. It’s important to say that I didn’t suffer my heart attacks because I was unfit or overweight, but I did survive them because I had taken good care of myself beforehand. And that is the starting point for you on this Bikini Promise journey.

    “This summer, instead of feeling the usual dread when you put your jumpers in the loft and get out your summer wardrobe, you are going to have a completely different experience thanks to the Bikini Promise…”

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