Study reveals the three times of day you should avoid eating to lose weight

These times of day could encourage excess snacking...

study reveals three times avoid eating weight loss
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Looking to lose a few pounds? Well a study has now revealed the three times in the day that could be your downfall.

According to new research, there are three ‘danger times’ in the day that could have a massive effect on your weight loss.

The study revealed that during mid-morning, late afternoon and late evening, people are more likely to over-consume, which could have a detrimental impact on weight loss.

Research revealed that the specific ‘danger times’ were, 11.01am, 3.14pm and 9.31pm.

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It was found that during these times, people could consumer up to an extra 750 calories per day due to excess snacking.

However, a nutrition expert has revealed that slimmers can avoid the excess calorie intake by making a few little changes.

"Take control of this high risk feeding time by scheduling a small snack three to four hours after breakfast and before 10.30am to avoid feeling hungry too close to lunchtime,” leading dietician Susie Burrell told the Sun.

study reveals three times avoid eating weight loss

"Ideally this snack will contain just 100-200 calories and 5-10g of protein to keep the hunger pangs at bay until lunchtime.

"Good options include a small coffee, 100g Greek yoghurt and berries or a couple of wholegrain crackers and cheese."

As for the afternoon slump, Susie says a high-in-protein snack around three hours after lunch could help.

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"Good options include portion controlled, nutrient rich nut based snack bars, crackers with a savoury topping or vegetables with cottage cheese or hummus,” said the dietician.

"Scheduling a filling snack before extreme hunger hits late afternoon will also help to prevent binge eating when you arrive home from work late, tired and prone to demolishing an entire packet of rice crackers and dip before dinner."

And when it comes to after-dinner munchies, Susie advises treating yourself to a little sweet bite to avoid going overboard.

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"Good options include a small individual ice cream, a few squares of dark chocolate or a biscuit or two with a cup of tea,” she said.

"Having an eating cut off each day at say 8 or 9pm also can work well as can ensuring you do not keep tempting foods in the house, as if they are there, you will eat them.

"If though you have difficulty in controlling yourself at this time of day, going cold turkey on all food after dinner may be the key to breaking this bad food habits which is causing you to eat a significant number of extra calories each day."

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