This NASA-approved plant could stop your partner from snoring

Could this pineapple plant be the solution?

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Snoring can be enough to keep anyone awake at night and can put an unwanted strain on your relationship - but this potted plant could be the snoring aid you’ve been looking for.

Morrisons is selling a limited-edition potted pineapple plant that has been claimed to stop people from snoring during the night.

It's available in-store only, so you'll have to venture out in search of one. Not only is it a pretty addition to any home, experts think it could help with snoring (opens in new tab) too.

According to research by NASA scientists, these pineapple plants can help reduce snoring as they produce oxygen and improve the air quality of a room. Whilst these plants need carbon dioxide to grow, they have no use for oxygen.

Because of this, the pineapple plant will use the carbon dioxide it breathes in, and release pure, filtered oxygen back into the room for humans to breathe. Lovely!


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Pineapple plants take a long time to grow - between 21 and 24 months - and are usually grown in Holland. They have a small, inedible fruit on the top, which grows every two years and makes it easily identifiable when seeking out the potted plant.

Improving air quality can help those who store to get a better night’s sleep, and the same thing goes for their partner too, so this plant could be beneficial for both of you.

Snoring occurs when the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat vibrates. During sleep, a person’s airways relax and narrow which affects the air pressure within the airways, and it can cause the noise we associate with snoring.

Of course, if your airways are partially blocked when you have cold or flu symptoms, it can often lead to snoring as a result. Considering you want a good night's sleep when your sick, this can be especially frustrating.

Everyone has a different experience with snoring. Some people might do it very rarely, and some might snore so loud it can even be heard from another room. That's where the pineapple plant might come in!

Will you be giving this potted plant a go?

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