Survey reveals roleplaying is Brits' number one way to spice things up in the bedroom


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According to a recent survey, a large number of British people enjoy dressing up in the bedroom.

Luxury sex toy company Lelo surveyed 2,000 participants and discovered that 84% of them turn to roleplaying scenarios whenever they want to spice things up between them and their partner.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that pretending to be someone else adds foreplay and a build up, with 28% saying that they even made their own costumes to wear.

Foreplay is very important to those surveyed, with 35% going as far as to say that it was the ‘most important thing’ during sex.

More than half (58%) also said they indulge in it during special occasions, when they really want to put the effort in.

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Another reason for people loving foreplay is that it allows people to live out their own fantasies without judgement or having to go out and act on it.


A third of participants said that communication was key beforehand, so chatting to your partner about what you do and don’t like before you start dressing up is a must.

90% revealed they use a sex toy when roleplaying too, so it might be a good time to invest in some if you haven’t already.

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Meanwhile, half of those surveyed like to watch roleplaying porn to help get them going, and it can provide some great inspiration too. There’s all sorts on there, with uniforms being a particular favourites.

Fire fighters, police officers and medical professionals are all popular choices, and these costumes are easily accessible should you want to indulge in that.

Kate Moyle, Lelo’s resident sex therapist said, “If you lack inspiration you can always search the Internet, or just discuss with your partner what turns them on.”

She added, “If you’ve talked to your partner and you both agreed to test out a specific fantasy, the shared experience of pretending to be someone else is actually very likely to bring you closer together."

So if you're looking to explore in the bedroom, maybe you'll enjoy roleplaying just as much as those surveyed?

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