The average age to get married and hit other life milestones has been revealed - do yours match up?

A large new study has revealed the age that many of us experience major life events.

The 'firsts' in life are some of the most significant moments we'll ever have, while hitting major milestones - such as buying our first home and getting married - are something many of us strive for, and look forward to.

And this study, which surveyed 2,000 people, has now revealed the average age people experience some of the biggest life events there are.

The research, commissioned by Brioche Pasquier, also unveiled the average age that people get married - so how does it match up to you, if you've tied the knot already?

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Apparently, the average age to get hitched is just 26. The stat may come as a shock to many, with research from eHarmony sharing that young people are now getting married later than ever before, spending more time in relationships before making the commitment.

But of course, the average age to get married may not be such a surprise to baby boomers, and those born in the mid portion of the 1990s, who arguably married at a younger age. Research from Pew revealed that of those born in the 60s, 65% of people were married at age 18-32.

So what do you think of the average age people marry now?

The study revealed the other ages you're most likely to experience major life events, including having your first baby (28), buying your first home (27), and starting a business (30).

It also shone a light on some much earlier milestones, claiming that most people make their first friend aged 5, fly on a plane for the first time aged 14, have a first kiss at 15, get their first full time job at 19, and pass their driving test at 21 - despite being allowed to drive from age 17.

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Of those polled, it was also found that one in three stated the birth of their first child to be their best memory, with a much smaller one in ten saying their wedding day.

Melissa Bentley, marketing manager at Brioche Pasquier, said, “Many of us can still remember big life events, even if they happened decades ago. First loves, first jobs, and our first beers are all imprinted on our memories – even if sometimes we can’t remember where our glasses are today."

Of course, it's important to remember that everyone takes life at their own pace - so if these ages don't quite match your own, we'd take it with a pinch of salt...

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