5 Healthy Drinks That Regulate Your Mood

How are you feeling today? Muzzy, touchy, stressed, or just plain exhausted? Trust us, there’s a great little drink that can lift you out of that funk!

When you can’t focus…try water plus!

It’s a fact, lack of the wet stuff can kill concentration, reduce metabolism to a crawl and surprisingly, give you the bloats. Love water more by flavouring your daily eight glasses. Robin Youkilis, author of Go With Your Gut (Kyle Books), has a great glassful that works when you’re bleary, puffy or in need of a detox.

Slim from within water
“This combines natural diuretics and detox ingredients in one glass,” says Robin. “Cucumber and lemon work to alkalise your body, while the cayenne and ginger jumpstart your metabolism and aid in flushing out your organs.

To 2 litres water add…

  • 1tsp freshly grated ginger
  • 1 medium cucumber peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 medium lemon, thinly sliced
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • ½tsp cayenne pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a large jug. Stir, cover and refrigerate. Aim to have one jug every one or two days.

When you’re blue…hit the chocolate!
A luxe smoothie with a shot of chocolate – well super-cacao actually, can give you the cheer up you need. Super-cacao is high in mood-enhancing serotonin boosting flavinols – 8 times more than the regular kind!

Chase the blues smoothie
What’s in it? Super-Cacao of course plus walnuts for a dose of blues beating fatty acids. Cherries to help your brain produce mood-enhancing hormones. Banana – rich in magnesium which is nature’s ‘chill pill’. Good vibes in a glass!

Into a high speed blender throw…

  • 1 cup fresh or frozen cherries
  • 1 cup dairy free milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • ¼ cup walnuts
  • 2tbsp super-cacao powder
  • 1tsp honey (optional)

Whizz up and pour. Serves 1-2. Try Aduna Super-Cacao, £14.99 for 275g, hollandandbarrett.com.

When you’re flagging…make green tea!
A regular cup of green tea will get you over the energy hump for sure but matcha green tea adds more oomph! “Matcha is bursting with antioxidants and a rare amino acid – L-Theanine that has a calming effect on the mind whilst still keeping you alert,” says herbalist Tipper Lewis. Try Tipper’s tea alternative – an energizing latte!

Pick-you-up matcha latte
This is perfect if you’re flagging mid-afternoon and hankering after something naughty. With mineral-rich maple syrup for a sweet hit and nutmeg to help regulate blood sugar, it’s a life saver!

Make a paste with 1tsp matcha green tea and a little hot water. Heat 1 cup almond milk in a pan with 1tsp maple syrup. When it’s warm, whisk in the matcha, pour into a cup and top with grated nutmeg. Yum! Try: Matcha green tea, £13.50 for 50g, nealsyardremedies.com

When you’re knackered…drink soup!
If Gwyneth says soups are the new smoothies, it must be so, and an energising bowl of beetroot is right on the button if your stamina needs a kick-start. It’s said that drinking beetroot juice can boost stamina by 16% and make exercise less exhaustive. Good at lowering blood pressure, it’s heart protective too.

Borscht Boost
“No need to boil beets for hours when juicing gets you all the flavour plus vitamins and iron,” says raw food expert Deborah Durrant of the Deliciously Raw Culinary School. Her Borscht Boost is a souper shortcut!

Juice together… 1 beetroot, carrot and apple and pour into a pan. Whisk in 1 finely grated clove of garlic, 1tsp Barley Miso, 1tbsp tamari and 1tsp olive oil. Heat until warm to the touch. Pour into a mug and drink. For a more substantial meal grate a little raw carrot, beetroot and perhaps some red cabbage into the bowl and pour the soup over. For more raw soup recipes, go to deborahdurrant.com.

When you’re sluggish…try bone broth!
Bone broth is the big thing right now and works perfectly in a smoothie hybrid. “A cold smoothie isn’t always the best thing to get your digestive system going,” says Robin Youkilis “I set out to create a one utilising gut-friendly bone broth and the savoury smoothie was born. The perfect way to start your day.”

The Savoury Smoothie
It seems odd at first but it’s wonderfully soothing. Loaded with protein and minerals known to help heal your gut and help prevent fatigue and anxiety.

In a blender combine…

  • 120ml bone broth (at room temp)
  • 1 chopped and peeled cucumber
  • 10g fresh chopped coriander
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 15g spinach leaves
  • 2 celery sticks chopped
  • pinch of sea salt

Blend until smooth but don’t overblend as this creates foam. Pour into a glass or bowl and enjoy! Try: Ossa bone broth (chicken or beef), £5.25 for 500g, planetorganic.com

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