David Attenborough's new podcast has been developed to ‘alleviate anxiety’ during pandemic

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David Attenborough has a new exciting project out, and it’s all about helping us manage our anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Lockdown has seen our anxiety levels dramatically increase, and we’ve all been finding ways to cope with the stress-inducing uncertainty.

Music and podcasts seem to be playing a big part in this, as a recent survey done by Spotify revealed that most of us are turning to music and podcast to boost our wellbeing.

If you’re part of this big percentage of the population, you'll be pleased to know you can now add David Attenborough’s soothing voice to the mix.

BBC Sounds has launched a special edition of the Mindful Mix to mark mental health awareness week, and the wildlife expert is part of it.

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He says in his intro, “There are times when more than ever it helps to steep ourselves in the music of the planet, the sounds of the wind and the water, the forest and the fields. For all of those who can’t be outside breathing in the beauty of the natural world. We want to bring some of its soothing sounds to you, blended with calming classical music which we hope will bring some much needed tranquillity.”

The music mix has been especially produced to help alleviate anxiety in people recovering from Covid-19, their families and healthcare professionals.

The project is based on evidence that shows music is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and agitation, and sounds from nature can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

Rebecca Sandiford, Commissioning Executive, BBC Music said of mix, “This project has been a true collaborative effort. In a short space of time the amazing teams at BBC Archive Editorial, BBC Sounds, BBC Music, the Natural History Unit, as well as academics, doctors, psychologists, BBC programme teams - and Sir David Attenborough - have all helped bring this project to life. We hope the Covid-19 Collection and the Mindful Mix make a real difference to people in the current crisis.”

Dr Dorothy Wade also added, "Many patients with severe COVID-19 have a long stay in an intensive care unit. They may wake up feeling delirious, scared and unsure where they are or what is going on. They feel very alone without their family by their side.

"As a psychologist working in intensive care, I need to find ways to help our patients quickly calm down and connect with reality, to help their recovery. I have often seen how calming music and nature sounds or videos help patients slow down their breathing and relax in the day, and get some much-needed sleep at night. A few recovering patients listened to the BBC Sounds collection today and told us that they found it really relaxing and planned to listen to it at bedtime to help them get to sleep."

Just what we all need right now...

The Mindful Mix is available on BBC Sounds.

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