Superfoods To Boost Your Day

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  • Superfoods are great at keeping your body healthy and happy. They are good for your skin, keep your hair shining and your mind at balance. The best thing is, you don’t have to look too far to add a little bit of goodness into your day.

    If you’re feeling a little bit drained or would just like to feel more efficient, then look no further than our energy-boosting superfoods.

    Each one comes with its own collection of benefits and will help you look and feel fantastic when eaten regularly (obviously among other things!). Plus new research indicates that eating certain superfoods can have a drastic influence on your ability to manage diseases like arthritis.

    Researchers from the University of India found that items such as ginger and olive oil helped fight the symptoms and progression of rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that effects more than 400,000 people in the UK alone. Their results were published in the journal Frontiers of Nutrition.

    Dr Bhawna Gupta, one of the lead researchers, said: “Regular consumption of specific dietary fibres, vegetables, fruits and spices, as well as the elimination of components that cause inflammation and damage, can help patients to manage the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.”

    From artichokes and avocados to berries galore, here are some of our favourites superfoods that you need in your diet.

    Superfoods List: The foods that help improve your health


    Blueberries, like many other berries are filled with antioxidants, which
    fight the cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Blueberries are
    known for their anti-ageing properties, such as preventing your hair
    from going grey. They’re a real powerhouse, keeping your blood vessels strong and heart healthy.

    Blueberries are delicious on their own, so scatter them over your morning porridge or blitz yourself a fresh berry juice.

    Olive Oil

    Olive oil is delicious drizzled over salads or to season roasted vegetables but it is also very good for you. It has antioxidant properties, is rich in oleic acid and has anti-inflammatory effects similar to those of found in fish oils. According to Dr Gupta it also decreases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.


    Ginger is a spice widely loved for its health boosting properties. It is thought to help with nausea, muscle soreness and even menstrual pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties also lends itself well to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.


    The benefits of artichokes are really varied, making them perfect to include in your lunches and dinners. They are packed with antioxidants as well as being high in potassium, which can help you to combat high blood pressure.

    Artichokes are also an excellent source of fibre.

    That’s not the only thing that makes them great for your gut, though. The plant contains inulin, which is a starch especially beneficial for increasing your good gut bacteria.

    Try adding artichoke to risotto or stuffing them with some mint, garlic and olive oil.

    Sea Buckthorn Berry

    Like Artichokes, these bright orange berries are bursting with vitamins and natural antioxidants. It is especially rich in vitamin C, with every 100g of sea buckthorn berries containing three times more vitamin C than an orange.

    These berries are said to help to keep your skin and body healthy, and their fatty acids are good for your heart. The berries can be dried, made into juice or eaten fresh. If you want to try something different, use sea buckthorn berry juice in a cheese cake and sweeten it with chocolate and other seasonal berries.

    Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds work as a snack, or sprinkled on a salad. They are high in protein and brimming with minerals. A handful of these seeds contains half of the daily recommended dose of magnesium. Try them toasted and tossed in a little soy sauce for a tasty mid morning treat.

    Goji Berry

    Rich in vitamin A, these Chinese berries protect against skin damage. Some researchers say the berries also boost your mood and help to improve your memory.

    Goji berries are commonly used as a dried fruit. Add a spoonful of these red wonders to your smoothie for some extra energy.


    Everyone knows that eating carrots are meant to be good for your eyesight, but that’s not the only reason why this vegetable should be considered as a superfood. Researches have also found that falcarinol in carrots can protect against many types of cancer.

    For those looking for a new way to include this kitchen staple in your meals this dry curry is a delicious option.


    Seaweed has quickly risen to a popular choice for superfood enthusiasts. High in iodine, it improves your thyroid function. This nutrient-packed green is traditionally found in sushi rolls, but can also be added to salads and dried seaweed also works as a snack.


    Quinoa is a gluten-free nutritious grain filled with all the essential amino acids. Mixed in salads, it’s high in protein and low in calories – and very easy to prepare!


    Avocados have found their place among the superfoods, and for a good reason: they’re filled with potassium, B-vitamins and folic acid. Avocados contain many antioxidants, which fight against the signs of ageing. It includes healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that help in maintaining a youthful skin.

    Adding some avocado to your salad also keeps the feeling of hunger away for longer. Avocado can also be used in chocolate mousse as an easy and delicious replacement for dairy.

    Now you’ve seen how easy it is to encorporate superfoods into your diet, will you be making a lifestyle change?