New Potato Recipes

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  • New potato recipes really make any barbecue, picnic or summer gathering. Try our new potato salad recipes or even our new potato soup for some really inspiring flavour combinations

    New potatoes are a great choice especially when you’re hosting a barbecue or going to a picnic this summer – we’ve got some classic new potato recipes and brand new ones to inspire you to make great salads.

    New potatoes are in season in the UK from April to July, which makes them a staple at summer gatherings. As they’re quite waxy, they are great boiled as they keep together and because they’re sweeter than many other varieties of potato, they are ideal for salads. Their skin too is very thin which makes them very low-hassle, as you don’t have to bother with peeling them.

    New potato salads go great with grilled or barbecued fish like salmon or mackerel, which are also ideal cooked on the barbecue. With a simple dressing, the humble new potato is taken to another level.

    Aside from the classic new potato recipes like pesto potato salad and tossed in garlic and herb mayonnaise, we also have new potato soup recipes that you can try. Our Jersey Royal new potato soup recipe doesn’t take too long to prep but it does need to cook for a little while so it might not be ideal for a quick midweek choice, but it’s really rich and creamy and makes for a wonderful dinner party starter. It’s the perfect seasonal dish to kick off your gathering.

    Picnics, barbecues, lunch or a simple supper – new potatoes are so versatile and because they’re not in season for too long, make the most of them this summer with the best of our new potato recipes.

    Our new potato and grilled salmon salad with dijon and parsley dressing is the perfect recipe for a light supper or to serve as a side at a barbecue. It’s really versatile so you could even have it for lunch as it’ll keep in a tupperware box.

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