‘You do not know what will hit you’: The Great British Bake Off Judges’ Advice To The Winner

The Great British Bake Off is coming back to our screens next Tuesday, and we are very excited at the prospect of the hours of cake-centric indulgence coming our way.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak peak at the first episode and had a quick chat to the judges at the same time. Let’s just say we anticipate it’s going to be a good year if the opening show and the three chosen Bake Off recipe challenges are anything to go by. The 12 amateur bakers are a wonderful mix of young and old, traditional and avant garde, and come with personalities that are already packing a punch, which we think is going to make for a very exciting series.

During our time with the judges they revealed some interesting insights into life in the tent. Speaking about keeping the traditional of Bake Off alive after its move to Channel 4 from the BBC, Paul says he’s confident Britain will fall in love with the show all over again, despite the different channel. ‘Once they [the audience] watch that first bakers they’ll love it.’

Agreeing with Paul, Sandy added that she thinks the show is ‘an iconic thing,’ which is why the producers have been so loyal to the previous format.

As a new judge Sandy also went on to voice her surprise at just how hectic life in the tent is, revealing that it’s much busier than you see on camera, with contestants, producers, runners and even the judges in a frenzy throughout the filming process.

‘You can’t ever know how busy it is, it is constantly busy – there are people running up and down, you find yourself running up and down.’ She said.

And what about the contestants? Well apparently the judges and presenters really do get involved in the highs and lows of each baker’s journeys, and it’s not just for show, with Paul, Pru, Sandy and Noel revealing that they get emotionally invested themselves. ‘There are a fair amount of tears,’ Sandy said, while adding ‘you can’t help but get involved with the emotions and the drama.’

To demonstrate their point judge Pru, who replaced Mary Berry for this year’s show, explained that the presenters are so keen to support the bakers that they even go so far as to make them tea while they’re meant to be working.

‘I have seen Sandy running to make tea for bakers who are looking a bit teary,’ before revealing that she does this despite there being ‘runners everywhere to make tea…’ Pru said.

Their concern, it seems, isn’t wholly necessary with the judges all agreeing that they think the standard for this year’s bake Off is the highest ever. During the chat at Channel 4 Paul affirmed that he thought the ‘standard this year is the best year ever,’ adding that he thinks ‘it’s been going up every year.’

When asked if he kept up to date on previous winners’ achievements Paul said he often checks in with them, saying, ‘I feel like a proud dad’

Continuing with the protective theme Pru revealed that both her and presenter Sandy had given the winner of this year’s Bake Off the same piece of advice, that they thought was instrumental to their future success.

‘I said to the winner, you really must get an agent or manager. You do not know what will hit you when the final of the show. Then I discovered that Sandy had done the same thing.’