French Dessert Recipes

Looking for the perfect French dessert recipe for your next dinner party? From Crème Brûlée to Tarte Tatin, we've got the perfect French pudding for you

Are you looking for the perfect French dessert recipe for your next dinner party? Look no further for a great selection of dessert recipes from across the channel for the perfect delicious pud for the whole family this week.

If you’ve got a penchant for French food, you’ll love this collection of French desserts. Whether you want a showstopper that will really impress your friends, like our recipe for a tiered macaroon cake, or something more simple like a roulade you can make ahead and have ready for your guests when you get around to serving up pudding, there are plenty of classic French dessert dishes to choose from.

If you want to serve up individual desserts to make your guests feel extra special, why not try making our rosewater floating islands with framboise custard and fresh raspberries? Made in individual glasses, it’s a great dessert recipe you can prepare ahead of time and serve up to your guests, who will appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to.

Another option for a really special individual dessert is our chocolate and mint parfait, which is superbly sweet and satisfying.

Macarons are a classic French meringue treat that are made using egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and food colouring to give them that wonderfully bright colour. It’s an intricate art to master, but we’ve got the perfect recipes for macarons, from our classic chocolate macarons to our version with chocolate and Grand Marnier, and we’ve made them as simple as possible for perfect results.

Tarte tatin is also a much loved classic French dessert option, and while we love our classic tarte tatin recipe, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up, so we’ve also got a pineapple version for you to try too.

And a selection of French desserts wouldn’t be complete without a classic crème brûlée recipe, so what better way to start off our collection of French desserts that you’ll just love? Smooth, rich and creamy on the inside and satisfyingly sweet and crunchy on top – this fabulous recipe is one of those dishes we think everyone should know how to make.

Get the recipe: Crème brûlée