Flower recipes

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  • Stunning edible flower recipes from new book, Cooking with Flowers

    May 13, 2013

    Flower recipes to make your mouth water!

    Cooking with edible flowers is a fun way to inject colour, add flavour and decorate desserts, confectionary and bakes.

    Herbalist and chef, Miche Bacher co-founded Mali B Sweets. The innovative flower recipes she serves up in her waterfront bakery-come-flower-shop in Greenport, New York are breathtaking and taste divine – from pretty pansy petal lollipops to a warming hibiscus chutney or colourful passionfruit orchid tartlet.

    Miche forages for many of the flowers and herbs she uses. She has a bit of advice for those wanting to experiment with flower recipes – know your flowers (buy a reputable plant guide – many plants are poisonous), buy organic flowers for the best flavour, colour and nutrients, avoid anything growing by the road, be cautious if you have allergies or asthma, clean and debug them, store them well, wash them thoroughly and prep as necessary.

    Here she shares a few of her favourite flower recipes from new book, Cooking with Flowers (£16.99, Quirk) with w&h. Be warned: They taste as good as they look!

    Pansy lollipops recipe

    ‘Every time we make these at Mali B, they elicit oohs and ahhs from our clients and customers. I like to make them free-form (without a mold), but you can use hard-candy molds if you prefer perfectly formed lollipops. Go for refined sugar if you want clarity.’

    Make Miche’s pansy lollipops