The New Iced Coffee Everyone Is Talking About

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  • Forget frappuccinos and iced lattes; have you tried the twist on new iced coffee that will be your caffeine fix this summer? Coffee tonic is an iced coffee that’s been quietly growing in popularity among coffee aficionados, but it’s finding its way into more and more cafés and coffee shops (and it’s so easy to make at home!). It’s a refreshing summer drink that gives you the buzz of a coffee and the ritual of cocktail, though it’s alcohol-free.

    A coffee tonic is as simple as it sounds. It’s a glass of tonic and ice, topped with an espresso. Intrigued? We had to give it a try in the test kitchen…

    We made up a double espresso and used our favourite tonic, Fever-Tree. We really wanted this to work.

    A quick image seearch on Google shows a full screen of tall glasses with dark coffee suspended over tonic and ice. We poured the tonic over the ice carefully then gently poured the espresso over the top, but ours came out looking more like a glass of cola than the gorgeous effect we’d seen.

    Ours seemed to blend immediately, so the cool cloudy layered effect was lost. It’s all about taste rather than looks though, right?

    Opinions in the test kitchen were divided. Those who liked it really loved it and those who didn’t like it, really didn’t. It is refreshing, and the tonic gives it a certain citrussy edge – but whether you like it probably depends on if you can get your head round fizzy coffee. We can imagine making a round of these for a sunny afternoon in the garden with friends – especially if you’re having an alcohol-free day or trying to cut down.

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    What next? Try adding gin to the mix for a peppy summer cocktail and let us know what you think.

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