The Best Easter Eggs We've Seen For 2017 (Including A Fabulous Heston Creation!)

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The best Easter eggs are the kind that inspire a real sense of occasion, and it's those kinds of little chocolate spheres that just happen to make the most beautiful kinds of gifts. Whether you're a traditionalist after delicate chocolate egg shells or are looking for something a little more unique, then we've got just the thing for it.

We've tried and tested all the best Easter eggs out there (because, well, someone had to do it) and we've listed all our absolute favourites to save you the trouble of trying piles of chocolate yourself!

From Charbonnel Et Walker's classic thick milk chocolate eggs filled with piles of beautiful champagne truffles to Bulgari's modernist sculpture-like creation these are some of the of the finest Easter eggs money can buy…

Best Easter Eggs For Gifts

Fortnum and Mason Six Golden Praline Eggs

We love these delicately hollowed out, real egg shells from Fortnum and Mason, and think they'd make a gorgeous small gift for family or friends come Easter Sunday. Each shell is painted with gold for a fairytale feel and filled with praline chocolate. Fortnum say, "crack as you would a real egg and enjoy the chocolate hazelnut goodness hidden inside!"

Get it:£25.00,

Booja Booja Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Egg

Booja Booja make melt-in-the-mouth dairy free chocolate to die for with luxurious alternative ingredients like organic vanilla and coconut oil, that give a silky finish and delicate taste. Their Easter range includes these beautifully hand painted eggs which are decorated in India and carefully filled with truffles in Norfolk. 12 caramels (which, by the way, have won four awards for their flavour!) are nestled in each large egg which make this the perfect gift for lovers of chocolate, as well as for those who love beautiful trinkets.

Get it:£24.99 for the large egg and £9.99 for the smaller version,

Lakrids Easter Egg - Dulce de Leche Chocolate Coated Liquorice

If you're a liquorish lover but don't want to be left out the celebrations then Lakrid's Easter treat is the one from you. This unique take on an Easter egg is an assembly of chocolate covered liquorices. The rich centres are made from some of the best liquorish in the world and are entirely gluten free to boot, perfect for a little me-to-me treat we say.

Get it:£28.00,

Marks & Spencers' Single Origin Milk & Dark Chocolate Chicken & Egg

We think anything playful makes a great gift, and this quirky egg from M&S is defintitely that. Half milk and half dark chocolate, this is also great when you're not sure what their favourite flavour is. The smooth single-origin chocolate shell is holding an adorable egg and will give the lucky recipient something to talk about - that's for sure - because what did come first, the chicken or the egg?

Get it: £15, Marks & Spencer

Bettys Large Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg

Weighing in at 600g and measuring 24cm, this pretty Easter treat from Yorkshire's Bettys tearooms makes quite the statement. The colourful flowers make a gorgeous ode to spring and are delicately piped on top of the shell, which is crafted from a mixture of Swiss Grand Cru milk and dark chocolate. Perfect for the traditionalist in your life.

Get it:£57.50,

Heston from Waitrose Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg

Just as you might expect, Heston Blumenthal's Easter egg offering serves up a little bit of magic. On the outside there's a lightly speckled pale brown shell that looks remarkably similar to a real hen's egg. Once cracked open the larger outside shell falls apart to reveal beautifully crafted mini eggs that have been especially crafted to look like British blue bird eggs and are filled with a fleur de sel caramel. These pretty pastel eggs lay on a bed of edible soil made from caramelised cocoa nibs, freeze dried passion fruit and creamy white chocolate flakes – perfect, Heston says, for dipping the caramel eggs into (and who are we to argue with that?).

Get it:£20,

Bulgari Hotel's Easter Egg

If you prefer rich, dark chocolate to the more common milk varieties often found in Easter egg form, then Bulgari's intricately sculpted treat is perfect. Made from 66% cacao dark chocolate and decorated in golden dark chocolate feathers, this impressive egg has a red velvet finish and is nestled atop a stand of even more deliciously dark chocolate.

Get it: £26,

Godiva Treasure Egg

Weighing in at 445g, this classic looking egg ensures there's plenty of chocolate to go around come Easter Sunday. Simply decorated with a pretty cream bow it would make the perfect gift for the traditionalist in your life. The milk chocolate shell is thick and textured which means it melts beautifully in the mouth and concealed below are an assortment of delicate mini eggs, perfect for sharing.

Get it: £35,

Prestat Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg

We're not sure why somebody hasn't thought of this before, because the combination of heady hot cross bun spices and silky smooth chocolate is most certainly a winning one. The warming fragrances from traditionally used cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice are combined with natural orange oils and encased in deliciously rich milk chocolate for a real hit of Easter flavour.

Get it: £17.50,

Best Boozy Easter Eggs

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg

Prestat's purest credentials come into play in their quirky G&T Easter egg with a beautifully heady Mediterranean lemon oil giving a real hit of flavour to the thick milk chocolate shell, while hidden inside are a handful of silky smooth gin ganache-filled truffles. The perfect after dinner treat we say.

Get it: £17.50,

Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Easter Egg With Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles

As one of Britain's oldest chocolatiers and endorsed by none other than her Her Majesty The Queen, you know Charbonnel's offering is going to be a good one. The egg is made up of a sumptuously thick milk chocolate shell and a filling of their finest Marc De Champagne truffles – the perfect gift for fancy friends.

Get it: £45.00,

Best Showstopping Easter Eggs

Hotel Chocolat All Our Eggs in One Basket

If you're catering for the masses come Easter Sunday then Hotel Chocolat have you covered (although, even if you're not, that means all the more for you). Filled with a wonderful mixture of all of their Easter eggs this chocolate bundle includes options for every taste – whether that's the Hard-Boiled eggs in salted caramel or the Huge milk chocolate Ostrich egg.

Get it:

Pierre Marcolini Kimono Doll

The second biggest offering in our collection, this stunning doll weighs in at 1.3kg. With something for everyone it's made from dark and white chocolate and includes two drawers filled to bursting with a procession of Pierre Marcolini's finest caramel animal shapes and praline eggs – the perfect Easter treats to share with the whole family. The beautiful doll figure is finished in signature style with a gorgeous shine and simple detailing. Not only does the chocolate taste as good as it looks, Maison Pierre Marcolini also pride themselves on their ethical standards – so you know everyone involved in the making process is getting a fair deal.

Get it: £125,

Fortnum and Mason Colossal Egg

Weighing more than 20 chicken eggs, this self-titled colossal creation is one for true chocoholics. Five eggs are nestled one inside another for a real showstopper finish, with each one being made of a unique cocoa blend or luxurious flavouring.

Get it: £90,

Pierre Hermé Oeuf Tagli d’apres Lucio Fontana

If you're really out to impress this Easter then this grand chocolate sculpture has the guaranteed wow factor. Made of nearly a kilo of pure origin Belize chocolate, each limited edition egg is inspired by Italian artist Lucio Fontana's artwork and comes with a box of rich chocolate bonbons to share.

Get it: £136,

Best Easter Eggs For Children

Artisan Du Chocolat Balloon Egg

For the best of all worlds Artisan Du Chocolat's hot air balloon combines milk and white chocolate as well as a hit of passion fruit flavouring, too. The pretty design includes an edible balloon string and includes an array of delicately filled fruit coulis mini eggs – perfect to delight little people or to add a touch of magic to an otherwise grown up Easter.

Get it: £25,

Demarquette Turtle Race Milk Chocolate Giant Easter Egg

Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette has created this captivating Easter egg to be the size of a real ostrich egg (that's 18cm, for the record) and hand decorated it with milk chocolate turtles. For a perfectly even finish each egg is hand rotated and rolled while it sets to create the perfect layer of thick milk chocolate to break through. Entirely handmade and created with fair trade credentials too, these playful eggs are the perfect unique gift for loved ones.

Get it: £30,

Lindt Gold Bunny

If you know somebody who's loyal to Lindt then there's only one Easter treat you can buy them, and that's this huge Easter bunny. Made from satisfying chunky chocolate this bunny packs a serious punch when it comes to first impressions. Boxed up in his very own carry case we think this would make a gorgeous gift for a whole family to share.

Get it: £39.99,

Chococo C181 Robot Studded Egg

This shimmering other worldy Easter egg is hiding a brilliant surprise in its centre, two edible gold robots. We love this quirky egg for its fun factor and think it would make a fabulous present for the little people in your family. There is, however, no compromise on flavor. The egg itself is made from 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate and the perfect thickness for a good bite and a most delicious melting sensation.

Get it: £10.95,

Michel Cluizel Milk Chocolate Hen

Michel Cluizel is famed for his melt-in-the-mouth chocolate crafted from single origin cocoas and this Easter addition to his collection is no exception. Crafted in smooth milk chocolate it tastes as good as it looks and is the perfect gift for the permanently inquisitive – because what did come first, the chicken or the egg?

Get it: £15.95,

Best Value Easter Eggs

Lindor Strawberry and Cream

Made from smooth white chocolate this egg has a satisfying bite to it thanks to its luxuriously thick shell and comes complete with a handful of Lindt's delicious strawberry and cream truffles. This is the perfect egg for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Get it: £8.99,

Carluccio's Sugared Eggs Box

These pretty pastel eggs are made in Milan and filled with deliciously dark chocolate. The crisp sugar shell is somehow nostalgic and thanks to their delicate-looking exterior these little chaps would make the best kind of table decoration come Easter Sunday, the edible kind.

Get it: £9.95,

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg with Joe & Seph's Popcorn

This fairtrade egg is hiding a sweet surprise when you crack into its shell. Deliciously crisp, puffed-up popcorn is encased in thick milk chocolate for the best combination of flavour and texture that we've tried, and at under £10 this makes a fab gift for family and friends.

Get it: £9.95,

Morrisons The Best Belgian Milk chocolate Egg

Sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned chocolate egg, without any of the extra trimmings taking away from the flavour. Morrisons have given us just that with this beautiful egg that's crafted from pure Belgian milk chocolate. However, they've not forgotten that looks matter too when it comes to gifts, so they've splattered the outside in a Jackson Pollock effect of pretty coloured chocolate for a beautiful finish. The perfect crowd-pleaser for arty types!

Get it: £4,

Asda Extra Special Golden Egg

You'd never guess this gorgeous egg was from high street giant Asda, and at just £8 it makes a fabulously pocket-friendly gift without sacrificing on quality. The main event is made from smooth Belgian chocolate and is hand finished with a sparkly dusting of gold. As a little extra treat there are three salted caramel eggs in the bottom too.

Get it: £8,

Speckled Egg Surprize

For a true British classic there's no better place to pick up your Easter egg than M&S. This pretty milk and white creation is made from deliciously mellow chocolate and studded with crisp sugar coated speckled eggs for a good bite and pretty finish. This is sure to be a winner with both kids and adults.

Get it: £8, Marks & Spencer

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