Healthy alcoholic drinks: 9 low calorie cocktails you’ll love

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  • You’d be surprised how many calories you can save on your favourite cocktails by making a few smart swaps. Learn how to make your alcoholic drinks healthier by reducing calorie intake by as much as 75%. We'll drink to that

    Whisky & Diet Cola

    1 shot of whisky with diet or sugar-free cola.

    Calories: 61 (195 in a standard)

    Units: 1

    Slim Gin & Tonic

    1 shot of gin and slimline tonic, garnished with a segment of lime.

    Calories: 58 (120 in a standard)

    Units: 1

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    Skinny Fique Tranquilo

    50ml gin, 50ml coconut water, 50ml ginger beer, finished with fresh mint.

    Calories: 79 (190 in a standard)

    Units: 2

    The Skinny Bloody Mary

    1 shot of vodka, lemon juice, Tabasco, tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.

    Calories: 120 (210 in a standard)

    Units: 1

    Cheat’s Long Island Iced Tea

    1 shot of tequila and soda is a great substitute for this usually high-calorie drink.

    Calories: 69 (276 in a standard)

    Units: 1

    Low Mojito

    1 shot of white rum, mint, 2tsp brown sugar, lime juice and soda water.

    Calories: 122 (242 in a standard)

    Units: 1

    Trim Gin Martini

    1 shot of vermouth, 2 shots of gin, garnished with a twist of lemon.

    Calories: 138 (200 in a standard)

    Units: 2.5

    Low-Cal Cosmo

    1 shot vodka, ½ shot Cointreau, 1tsp lime juice and 150ml no-sugar cranberry juice.

    Calories: 137 (212 in a standard)

    Units: 2

    Pink Lady Appletini

    1½ shots of vodka, 15ml of Pink Lady apple juice and 15ml Apple Sourz.

    Calories: 145 (200 in a standard)

    Units: 2

    More low cal alcohol swaps

    • Making mulled wine? Swap sugar for sweetener. Or up the spices for more flavour.
    • Use a smaller glass.
    • A wine glass holds 250ml, whereas a Champagne flute holds just 125ml.
    • Put your drink down in-between sips.

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